2020: Game year

The game that best captured 2020 was released at the end of 2019. Death Stranding It was released on November 8th, and I was able to get a glimpse of the idyllic scenery. Surrounded by a stream of rocks and moss panoramas, it marked our end. Or at least of our worst decline. The hero was charged with reconnecting the divided world. This was a hike between a series of isolated outposts to connect to the Internet, thus helping to communicate to restore humanity, supported by fiber optic flow. Yeah, sure. Tell those who are on the verge of zoom calls over the last 12 months.

The onset of Covid-19 exposed us to the grounding of life. They flocked to our outposts, trapped in the wastelands awaiting them, and connected to our loved ones from afar. And the most acute story of this year’s pain was Hideo Kojima’s game, which he couldn’t plan for prediction. Other remedies have been proposed to calm rather than investigate the current moment. Animal Crossing: New Horizons In March, it descended like a warm blanket and set out to mitigate international misery with the often neglected turnip accumulation method. The charm of the series’ bushy tail (whose core is a Cruzovian blend of wilderness and cultivation) has been enhanced by the new game island setting. Even strangers, its bustling beaches provided a refreshing parody of the reality that many made tactical withdrawals: their homes were enveloped in a tide of self-isolation and their comforts were carefully placed. it was done.

For those who want to get angry, on the same day Doom EternalI think anger is a better emotion than any other emotion that replaces the fear of being on earth. Anyway, the attitude adopted by the protagonist countered the cramping mobs of the hellish army, dressed in heavy metals, and aimed at his problems with the choice of high-caliber weapons. It wasn’t a meritless strategy. The same was true of Jill Valentine’s devastation of the city of Raccoon City, which was attacked by relentless enemies. Resident Evil 3.. The various stages of 2020: initial anxiety, unknown nausea, and the daily touch of resurrection have little to do with the calendar schedule and change the flock of images. For me, the early months of the blockade echoed with the rattling chrome legs of the devil’s spider and Jill’s increasingly resentful face as she competed free from her private hell.

The summer swell had little to do with the weather and reportedly warmed up during normal hours.Sure, i Do Recall that the fan in the living room was blowing a smoky breeze at me. However, the season began much more vividly with the grilled technicolor. Little orpheusThe bright sea ManitaBubbling with a blue murder; and a lawn swept with a sprinkler Destroy all humansSo to speak, it was darkened by the low cruising saucer. All these moments were pulsing with the fascination of funny B-movies, but the sunny week of 2020 was barely shining on the blockbuster. FINAL FANTASY VII RemakeWhen viewed from a distance (as traditionally the way I prefer to watch the series), it seemed to sport all the irritation of its ancestors. A hero called Cloud with a crappy title, a surfboard-sized sword, and an explosion of blonde-haired grenades.

Still, it created an unexpected silver lining. This was a remake that held the blueprint of its predecessor firmly while sucking it up with an excess of visual fizz like pouring champagne into a rusty fuel tank. However, the awe seemed to enrich the brewing rather than dodge the joy in the unfamiliar. It happened that I wasn’t playing the original, so if I was familiar with it and my eyes weren’t cloudy, it would have been like Hidetaka Miyazaki’s crossing with Baz Luhrmann. You have a completely fleshed out world and a complete conspiracy lurking, half hidden, Son and Lumiere The dance sequence, overripe lines, and busy talk actually rushed into fast forward. It was certainly bloated and I was bored to the end, but the longevity people were sifting one of the best settings of the year, Midgar. Midgars line up and down like a mud-dark wedding cake. The steel slums were studded with stories.

Indeed, in the year of staying home, the biggest game was about geography. Our personal problem was about how we have a habit of dripping into the landscape around us. Taking Atsushi Sakai as an example, Ghost of Tsushima.. In the face of the invasion of Mongolia, he finds his beliefs as well as his country besieged as his enemy’s sneaky tactics clash with the chivalry of his Samurai Code. (Imagine Don Quijote thinking of jumping from La Mancha to Japan and becoming a ninja.) When faced with a nasty new world, the game seemed to suggest honor. But it was just the last fantasy to be thrown away. In the subtle prosperity, Tsushima also has to endure stoic because its natural tranquility is impaired. Life leaks into the hanging forest trails, the perfect white beaches polluted in the form of crumples, and the sand.

On the other hand, if you want to evaluate the damage done to a country suffering from plague Last of Us Part II, There is no need to bother to investigate the dimming value. Instead, just stare at the heroine Erie’s face. There are many unnatural impact maps that flesh inherits. Without motion capture, artistic muscles, and of course money, such nuances wouldn’t be possible. And I can’t think of any further rebuke for the idea that playing alone, rather than good graphics, puts pressure on the media. When I think about the game again recently, I noticed that the first flare of my enthusiasm was in the shadows. Its heavy air, scraped with all but the slightest joy, is like concrete in the lungs, and few developers can remind them of it. But it felt like a victim of renewal, as well as the green that grabbed the building.

As Erie tracks the quarry from state to state, the driving theme of the story, the theme of violence producing violence and getting out of the cycle, tells us about the tired consequences of making it. It was hard to shake the suspicion that he might have taught me more. Great video game: Success spawns a sequel. Half of the run time is spent on the cold new character, Abbey, who is challenged to keep us warm. This could have been more effective, not to mention a bit easier, if the time was actually run, rather than being shuffled, skipped and looped back in the past. Due to the scrambled chronology of the game, some characters felt like sketches. He was killed earlier than he was introduced. And I was anxious for the lean simplicity of the first game. There’s nothing flooding the old Erie’s face — knurled and mottled — her faith flickered suspiciously and doesn’t move us as much as the look she gave nearby.

*** ***

This year was a natural feeling. Our spirit continued when the first stretch of the blockade was lifted. Armed with masks, bottles of disinfectant gel, and refusal to make noise, some carefully returned to the pub. By the time the second blockade was approaching, there weren’t too many challenges. The larger, more elusive clamps of our time were the idea of ​​”new normal”. Terrible phrases explain the conditions under which surrealism becomes part of the dull structure of everyday life through a series of repetitive rituals. And it makes us all bored with layers.

What emerges above that numbness pattern is the interspersed game that surpasses the surrounding titles of almost every year. Delivered in February dream, A series of creative tools aimed at turning our love of play into a sweaty development urge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t turn me into an up-and-coming creator, but I managed to pay attention to small movements that guarantee digital escape, such as gray sweeps of clouds and stones, river crashes and currents. dream It also provided us with something even more unusual: hope. Despite the myriad curses, how encouraging this year turned out to be the dark sleep of a new group of game makers.

Equally effective bets that raise your mood Ori and the Will of the Wisps, The Forest Fairy at the top of my list of the most beautiful games of the year. It came out in March and shined, but a few months later it refused to fade. In fact, as the darkness of 2020 becomes more and more dense, it only gets brighter. The sheet music composed by Gareth Coker is one of the wonders of strings and brass that can thicken your throat with a lump of raw sensations at breakfast or in bed. The bright visuals of the game believe in a dying adventure, and its roots in power, like any other good fairy tale, are in the writhing darkness that nourishes the above wonders.

As the temperature dropped and winter scraped the windows, millions of people decided to warm their living room with a new console roast fan vent. Disappointment began when we discovered that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s big new machines seemed unable to breathe warmth. This pair resembled a spaceship from a very different range of space. One is dull and black, reminiscent of the eerie alien frigate, and the other is laughably futuristic, all with a throbbing warp core and a pure white bow. I was happy to find a stowaway lurking in the PS5 hull. Astros playroomThe platformer, pre-installed on the hard drive, was lovingly molded and purely intent, piercing the sacred sanctuary that only Nintendo occupied. When it comes to hardware, most games just give the impression of being a vehicle, Astros playroom Defined by the DualSense controller, it’s crazy about Sony history. It was littered with collectable chunks of old plastic (memory cards, CDs, peripherals), reminding us of the old normal and trying to comfort us, so to speak.

Further relief was available Yakuza: Like a dragon.. Games that involve the recovery of homeless male pet crayfish are not without their benefits. Also, as you might think, it can’t claim true gravity. But you will be wrong. The drama is shot through with a brave bitterness and is full of humor. And as this year comes to an end, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s RPG (available in Japan in January before the pandemic completely captured us) is as usual in our body spectacle. Reassured me. Traces of sadness in the air. Can the same be said for the atmosphere far from the festival that swirled in the wake of the biggest game of the year?

Provided by CD Projekt Red in December Cyberpunk 2077 In time for Christmas. Some kind. Its launch was compromised by crashes, glitches, and sticky frame rates. An essay published in La Nouvelle Revue Française in 1933 (as historians point out) Cyberpunk 2077 Paul Valéry argued, “first announced),” in the eyes of those who crave for perfection, the work is never completely completed … but abandoned. ” Sadly, CD Projekt pushed the metaphor beyond the thoughtful range of the metaphor, worriedly asking many, especially those with the latest generation consoles, for a refund. However, while the predominantly poet Valerie had to wait for the uncertainty of the second edition before considering patching his work, game developers had to wait for additional software. It’s a soothing course, and it’s the envy of chasing a sick work. What CD Projekt is doing.

It is up to all players to decide if this counts as soldering doors, installing high-tech security systems, and steel plating in the barn after the horse has been bolted. Personally, I haven’t been able to withdraw from the sowing and potential since its release. My recent night was spent among the crackling spectators of the ad, drifting through the steel canyon, and yes, discouraged and driven to the dashboard. My love for that thrill will definitely leak next year, the game may fully recover when the fingers cross. from now on, we You can only expect the same thing. Do you know?Maybe Cyberpunk 2077 It tells the story of 2021 when it arrived like a patch after its release. And for 2020, there are crashes, glitches, and end-of-game bugs. This has never been truly completed, but has been abandoned. Happy new year.

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