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This year is a unique year! Who were the winners and losers of golf in 2020, from players to organizations and events? We share our thoughts here …

2020 Golf Winners and Losers

Clearly, 2020 was a unique year. It was a year that confused our lives and, of course, brought great challenges to the golf industry.

In the year-end summary of golf winners and losers in 2020, there are some obvious candidates and one or two less obvious candidates …


Golf club member

Golf club membership has declined over the decades, and clubs are increasingly struggling to retain and attract new members. 2020 changed that all.

Blockade 1 caused an unprecedented membership boom It was promoted by the club limiting play to members only when it resumed play and suddenly dismissing workers who had both time and money.

Moray Golf Club has registered 300 new members! Expect most of the new golf members to stay in 2021.

Sophia Popov

The 28-year-old German produced the fairy tale of the year. She won the AIG Women’s Open in Troon in August..

Germany’s Sophia Popov won a remarkable victory at the AIG Women’s Open in Troon (Photo: Getty Images)

She was ranked 304thth There was time in the world, I missed a complete LPGA tour card in one shot at Q School and only attended the event a few weeks ago after finishing T9 in the Marathon Classic.

Lee Westwood

Westwood pocketed € 1.75 million at the first and last events of 2020, enough to win in Abu Dhabi and runner-up in the Dubai DP World Tour Championship. The third Harry Vardon trophy that won the race to Dubai at the age of 47..

Lee Westwood: Regaining Top in Europe at 47 (Photo: Getty Images)

Raleigh Canter

A 31-year-old Englishman who has never finished over 154th In the race to Dubai, he had already enjoyed the season of life with two runners-up before his first runner-up in the DP World Tour Championship.

Finally a breakthrough year for British Raleigh Canter (Photo: Getty Images)

After 70 holes, he was on the verge of great turmoil, up to 71 double The hole paid for that dream.But he still finished 5th Finally 19th In a race to Dubai.

Dustin Johnson

It contains Dustin Johnson isn’t just for his very impressive Masters victory But because of the rare aspects of his character that he showed to the golf world in subsequent interviews.

2020 Golf Winners and Losers

DJ reveals another side of his character with Amanda Barionis (Photo: Getty Images)

Europe tour

When the blockade took place and golf was off limits, the situation on the European tour, where countless events were canceled, seemed gloomy.

In the end, Keith Perry and his team somehow saved the 38 event season. Greatly successful British swing..

Andy Sullivan won the Hambury Manor on the popular UK Swing on the European Tour (Photo: Getty Images)

Green keeper

Yes, maintaining the course with limited personnel, especially during the blockade, and dealing with extreme weather events of all kinds has hampered our dedicated green team.

2020 Golf Winners and Losers

The green keeper enjoyed the freedom of the course during Blockade 2 (Photo: Getty Images)

However, because there are no golfers on the course, many have used Lockdown 2 to undertake all sorts of projects that they wouldn’t normally be able to do. Silver lining that locks down.

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Golf club house

Yes, the membership boom was great, but the club lost a huge amount of money during the blockade and other restrictions.

This year was a sad and lonely year for our golf clubhouse (Photo: Kevin Murray)

Unexpected membership income was a godsend, but our clubhouse has been in the shadow of our former bustling life for most of the year.

Golf nomad

Nomadic pay-and-play options have become more and more popular in recent years.

However, when the golf course was reopened in May with a full tee seat exclusively for members, suddenly those nomads had no place to play and many chose to join or rejoin the club.


The rules are the rules, right?Yes, but Many felt the LPGA was wrong AIG Women’s Open Champion Sophia Popov couldn’t find a way to play in ANA Inspiration or the end-of-season CME Group Tour Championship simply by giving him a one-year exemption instead of the usual five-year major championship. ..

why? She wasn’t a full member of the LPGA Tour when she won the major, so the points earned there weren’t counted in the season.

Indeed, the wording of the law should have been superseded by common sense … and as an active major champion, should one of the two sponsor exemptions for CME certainly go to Popov? A big own goal, LPGA!

British Open Championship

Only one open championship has been played since 1860 for reasons other than World War I – in 1871 due to the availability of trophies.

The Open wasn’t last played in 1945, so it was a big blow to everyone involved. R & A decided not to change the schedule, but to have no opening in 2020. The Royal St George’s is currently hosting in 2021.

Tiger Major Dreams

Despite starting in the top 10 of Farmers Insurance in 2020, Tiger only teeed up nine times in the next best finish37th At USPGA.

2020 Golf Winners and Losers

It’s not the year Tiger expected after the 2019 highs. Is your main dream over? (Photo: Getty Images)

He sometimes looked physically uncomfortable on the track, and his chances of matching Jack’s major record seemed to be almost gone again after just 20 months. His incredible 2019 Masters victory Brought fresh hope.

Maybe to be fair to Tiger, the loser here is us golf fans, not him!

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2020 Golf Winners and Losers 2020 Golf Winners and Losers

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