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First half thought

The playoff berth was on the line and Colts came out with a purpose in the first half. Jonathan Taylor easily defended the Jaguars, over 100 yards in the game and over 1000 yards in the rookie season. When Taylor added touchdowns in the first half, he joined the elite company as one of only three running backs to the top 1000 rushyards and 10 touchdowns in franchise history.

Colts’ defense was very strong in the first half, but in the second half Jacksonville Jaguars The drive allowed Mike Glenon to record a pass touchdown with a perfect 7 to 7. Hope this is not a sign of a defensive collapse of Colts, which is too typical. If the defense can hold back Jaguar in the second half, Colts should be in the best position to advance to the playoffs.No collapse by Titan Texans, Colts ends with the birth of a wildcard and has a hot date Buffalo Bills In the first round of the playoffs.

It may sound like Colts dominates most of the first half, but the game isn’t over yet.Colts Pittsburgh Steelers A week ago just to allow the collapse of the second half to put them in this situation in the first place. It takes a complete game to get where Colts wants, and hopefully the front office will continue to start in the field until the final whistle to get the job done.

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2020 NFL Week 17: Jaguar vs. Colts Second Half Open Thread-Coltreed 20-7 2020 NFL Week 17: Jaguar vs. Colts Second Half Open Thread-Coltreed 20-7

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