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Now that the regular season of 2020 has begun, it’s time to consider where the Pittsburgh Steelers are standing, following the second consecutive season in which they couldn’t even reach the playoffs. Specifically, it’s where Steelers players stand individually based on what they see during the season. Who is making the play? Who is missing them? Who is losing the snap? Who is having a hard time staying in the field?

There are several different approaches to stock valuation and I’ll try to clarify my reason. In some cases, it is based on longer-term trends. In another example, it would be a direct response to something that just happened. So as you move forward, you can see the player multiple times during the season.

Player: ILB Vince Williams

Stock price: rising

Reason: Obviously, the veteran linebacker is back from the Reserve / Covid-19 list and is ready to resume flattening some running backs for defense he missed doing exactly that. Is done.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been running Avery Williamson and Marcus Allen as inside linebackers for the past two weeks. Really, that’s the only thing I need to write in this column, and it’s important that Vince Williams is back from the Reserve / Covid-19 list and healthy after experiencing positives and symptoms a few weeks ago. I will explain the reason.

Defense, both against Run and as Blitzer, lacks his physical presence, as you know, losing those games. Well, I’m not saying that Williams was the difference between winning and losing, but it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

They also really lost Robert Spillane, who didn’t expect anyone to write a few months ago, but after Devin Bush broke the ACL at the beginning of the season, the young man brilliantly next to Williams. I stepped up to and filled it.

The linebacker position was unlucky this year. Three of them spend their time on the Reserve / Injured List and the other on the Reserve / Covid-19 list, all missing multiple games, if not most of the season. for that reason.

Williams is one of the core members of this defense and this team, so his presence is highly welcomed not only in the field but also off the field. But what they need most now is what he does between the lines, which hits some linebackers for the lost yard and lowers the quarterback with an electric shock. It’s even more important that Bad Dupley took place that year.

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2020 Stock Watch-ILB Vince Williams-Stock Up 2020 Stock Watch-ILB Vince Williams-Stock Up

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