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Now that the regular season of 2020 has begun, it’s time to consider where the Pittsburgh Steelers are standing, following the second consecutive season in which they couldn’t even reach the playoffs. Specifically, it’s where Steelers players stand individually based on what they see during the season. Who is making the play? Who is missing them? Who is losing the snap? Who is having a hard time staying in the field?

There are several different approaches to stock valuation and I’ll try to clarify my reason. In some cases, it is based on longer-term trends. In another example, it would be a direct response to something that just happened. So as you move forward, you can see the player multiple times during the season.

Player: QB Mason Rudolph

Stock price: rising

Reason: At least for black and gold guys, this game makes more sense to Mason Rudolph than anyone else. It’s basically his 2020 showcase, the first and perhaps the only opportunity to show that he’s made all sorts of progress since the 2019 season.

The Steelers have won at least three seeds with AFC North, and head coach Mike Tomlin has chosen to give Ben Roethlisberger a regular season finale as he begins his quarterback. This gives Mason Rudolph in his third year the opportunity to start the game. Center.

As a quarterback for the second year of last season, Rudolph started a total of eight games. It is no exaggeration to say that the situation has improved. He was finally put on the bench and rookie undrafted free agent Devlin Hodges started the final five games of the season.

He played the penultimate match in Hodges’ own struggle last year and appeared to be playing better than he was on the bench, but suffered a shoulder injury for the rest of the year. Could not participate.

Since then, he hasn’t had much opportunity to show anyone his progress. This year wasn’t even the pre-season, the most important time for backup. He has played a bit during the regular season, but most of the time it’s time for trash to pass the ball, so little is collected from it.

This is his stage. He knows that this is his moment. If he intends to change the story about him, it will come out and play well against Browns. He may have some backups to protect him, but he’s at least with or close to him, so that there’s no excuse for how he behaves. You must have a perfect complement.

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2020 Stock Watch-QB Mason Rudolph-Stock Up 2020 Stock Watch-QB Mason Rudolph-Stock Up

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