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To be honest, 2020 was a bad year. Bad for the world, bad for the economy, and bad for the soul. Not to mention the movie industry, which was hit by theater closures and studio delays. Entertainment seemed to be the last thing in people’s minds, yet entertainment was what many people relied on in the long months of blockade. Comfort television has become consumed as often as comfort food, after many people initially feed paranoia. Contagion — I started looking for the same thing in the movie.

And perhaps by chance, Hollywood stood up to meet their demands. It was not surprising that the studio would release the movie to PVOD or streaming early, but in most cases there was no theme definition. It’s just the fact that people could see the theatrical release from the comfort of their home. I was happy enough.

However, movies that capture the sense of the times began to hit in the summer, and that was the time when “nice” began to become commonplace.

This year, the craving for “nice” was widespread. Even if you take over to the art house side First cow And NomadsThe two films, with no signs of malice in the bones, surpassed most critics’ list of the year.Hell, the most ironic of the “nice” movies Palm springSundance’s darling, who debuted directly on Hulu in July, was about how painful life was, but it was worth living anyway.

(Remaining features of this post spoiler for Eurovision Song Contest, Face music when Bill and Ted,and Wonder Woman 1984.. )

Probably the first movie to take advantage of the thirst for splendor Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, Will Ferrell-Rachel McAdams’ musical comedy that swept the internet when it debuted on Netflix in June. A borderless, nonsensical movie featuring life-threatening music performances, Demi Lovato’s ghosts, and an amazing number of revenge-burning elves. Eurovision Song Contest It has drawn the line between satire and sincere comedy. But more importantly, it regained the community’s experience of liking really ridiculous things together for short, glorious moments.

Some musical films are inherently gentle. The genre itself is to do a show. It’s about entertaining people. And often it’s about the characters having emotions on their sleeves and belting their deepest desires in numbers to stop the show. Eurovision Song Contest, For all its stupidity, embody all of these elements. It’s a similarly eccentric Eurovision Song Contest, an international song contest directed by Ferrell (co-authored with Andrew Steele) and director David Dobkin, where Americans can’t even begin to understand the absurdity. It’s less satirical than a satirical love letter to the contest. It probably best appears in one sequence and is played straight in the movie with a ramrod. In this movie, all past winners of the real Eurovision Song Contest get together and sing a relay song. pitch perfect A style sequence that seemed to just evaluate the unity of music. But for all its bombs and sights, Eurovision Song ContestThe appeal of is probably best summarized as follows: Play “Ja Ja Ding Dong”!

If Eurovision Song Contest It was a movie unified by its stupidity and accidental honesty, Face music when Bill and Ted Take those ideas and put them into action — just in hell.The long-awaited third work Bill and Ted In the series, Dean Parisot’s comedy will be featured when Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) are middle-aged and haven’t written a song to save humanity yet. Bill and Ted were visited by future leaders as their marriage collapsed and their careers deteriorated. They came to the conclusion that Bill and Ted now have to write a song. Otherwise the universe will collapse. And if that is not possible, they will be assassinated by the killer robot.

It took a long time to make it, Face music when Bill and Ted It felt urgent like “the perfect movie for now” — a phrase that is now old-fashioned and tired.But Face music when Bill and Ted, And with the theme of middle-aged disappointment, giving hope to future generations, and anxiety, the killer robot manages to take advantage of the general sentiment of the summer of 2020 when it was released. Was-one of the uncertainties and anxieties, and that annoying thing, Want.. It all culminates in a transcendental final scene. There, Bill and Ted find that the song to save the universe wasn’t written by them, not necessarily by their talented daughter. It is played on multiple timelines at the same time around the world. Mankind unites to prevent the universe from collapsing. In reality, how cheesy and sentimental it is to conclude that it was the exact opposite of what was happening. And perhaps that’s the conclusion that can only happen once in a major movie of the year. That’s because when a superhero movie does the same thing four months later, it doesn’t hit the exact same code.

Wonder Woman 1984 There are many goofy, structurally annoying flaws, but the heart is in the right place. And at the heart of it is the idea that everyone, regardless of sin, deserves grace and forgiveness.As we saw during this pandemic, Americans are surprisingly selfish and can endanger greater happiness, what is that selfishness. Wonder Woman 1984 Try to sharpen (clumsy).The sequel to the 80’s superhero, directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot, has some viewers (including this critic) as another “movie of the time” with the message “maybe greedy.” Welcomed to It’s not good. “

It can best be summarized in the last scene. Face music when Bill and TedYou can feel the sequence of “Songs heard all over the world”. Diana makes her final appeal from the abundant wishes of the Almighty Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), the cows of Washington, DC, the dead, the world powers towards the nuclear apocalypse, as the world turmoil .. Man. “This world was as beautiful as it was, and you can’t have it all,” she begs. “You can only have the truth, and the truth is enough. The truth is beautiful.”

And surprisingly, everyone in the world gives up their wishes. It feels like a proper continuation of the message of the first movie — humanity is worth saving despite their flaws — Wonder Woman 1984 We have come to the conclusion that mankind can also save himself.Perhaps it’s a message that now sounds wrong after the opposite play has been seen for a long time, and people Bill and Ted The ending then disappeared into one of the sneaky sarcasm, but it can’t be denied Wonder Woman 1984 An imperfectly hopeful movie that concludes an imperfect year.

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2020 was a wonderful studio movie year – / Film

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