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2021 BTIG’s favorite stock

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According to BTIG, 2021 will be the stock picker market and names such as Uber and Simon Property Group are expected to outperform.

As the Covid-19 headwinds weaken, investors are sitting on a pile of cash with unprecedented monetary and fiscal stimulus measures, and interest rates are promised to remain low. BTIG hopes that this climate will drive “wealth redistribution in the market” and put a special spotlight on growth and value. The Wall Street company said the shift would ultimately drive further equity growth and at the same time contribute to annual volatility.

BTIG Chief Equity and Derivative Strategist Julian Emmanuel said, “We will take an optimistic but selective approach next year as stock correlations at post-pandemic lows and valuations in many areas are arguably expanding. “.

“Even if a comprehensive rotation from growth to value is developed, not all values ​​are treated equally,” he added. “We prefer cyclics to rate-sensitive defensives, in which we avoid adding substantial leverage to survive the pandemic.”

With stock selection in mind, BTIG has created a list of the best-believed investment ideas for the next 12 months, starting in the first half of 2021. BTIG has a purchase rating for all listed stocks.

2021 BTIG’s favorite stock 2021 BTIG’s favorite stock

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