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2021 color palette for children’s rooms

Children are naturally attuned to color perception, and how you handle their personal space can have a significant impact on their mood and behavior.They live in a world full of fun and place Magic never ends — And it’s up to you to fill their room with the joy of life!

Here’s how to capture the colors of the rainbow in the kids room and make sure the gold pot at the edge of the rainbow is also theirs.

Dreamy Violet: In Search of Creative Pursuit

A violet-loving child is attuned to her imagination and is free to unleash her creative inspiration. Violet is peaceful, harmonious, soft and dreamy, despite being playful and eccentric. Pastel shades go well with a whisper of pink on a neutral background of white or cream. However, use a moderately dark purple, as saturated shades of dark purple can impair mental stability.

Competent indigo: deep wisdom, anthropomorphic

All children are small beings that are smart and unique in nature. If your little loved one wants to be a sweet little embodiment of responsibility and ability, the indigo palette in his room fosters a deep sense of calm. Too much indigo can make the room very dark, so use it in combination with bright yellow pops and soft blue shades to tone down on a gray or white background.

Soothing blue: Symphony of water

Blend the shades of powder blue sky and deep blue waves and mix with the creamy bubbles of the sea and clouds to get the essence of this fun children’s room. The shades of blue are harmonious and soothing, which can soothe overactive children. Blue is no longer labeled as the boy’s color, and your daughter should love this room too!

Permanent green: harmony of nature

A color of natural balance and harmony, green speaks of a fresh new beginning. It promises affluence and stability, and creates a sense of well-being and resilience. If this is what your child wants to be surrounded, choose a green palette for her room! Green is beautifully complemented by shades of brown, blue and cream. To infuse the vibrancy, mix the shades of yellow, either in the green itself or as a room accessory.

Sunshine Yellow: Optimism and support

Excitement increases in a room full of yellow. Too much brightness can be overstimulating, but when toned down in neutral, this palette can evoke confidence and playful creativity. It has been found to rejuvenate the mind and is a great background for concentration and concentration. Yellow can be balanced with shades of green and orange.

Bright orange: heat and fire

Orange shades range from hot and fiery color gamuts to warm and spontaneous shades. Children exposed to orange are motivated, always cheerful, and can see the bright side of life in all situations. Orange goes well with the shades of blonde trees. To show them all together, they need to be toned down in neutral, such as beige or cream.

Confident red: the color of life

Red radiates positive and confident energy and rekindles our vitality. The red palette is perfect for young people who are willing and confident. Young people are not afraid to stand up and speak their hearts. Combines small pops of other primary colors such as red and white, black, green and blue. Boldly red!

Passionate pink: love and oneness

The pink bedroom brings out the sweetness and innocence of childhood. Simple and simple pink represents everything that is warm and compassionate. Pink, usually considered the color of girls, is sugar and spices, and everything is great! This lovely bedroom is the dream of every little girl, from cozy embroidered quilts to princess castle dressers along one wall.

Beige and neutral

Neutral, soothing and relaxing beige is a color that goes well with all the other colors in the book. You can use it in a gender-neutral bedroom to add a pop of warmth in the form of bright and lively accessories. Children who choose beige are children with unmistakable personality and aesthetics.

Rainbow color burst!

For rooms filled with positive attributes of all other colors, use the VIBGYOR color palette on a white background. Your little kid will love the combination of cool, warm, calming and energizing, and quiet and vibrant shades! Play with geometric shapes and solid, saturated colors and combine them as you like. Engage your child in fun and creative bond activities!

your childrenThe s room is where you are free to control your creativity. Make it as fun as possible for your child and fill it with love and laughter!

Dipti Das, AVP-Design, Homelane

Disclaimer: The expressed views are for the author only and does not necessarily subscribe to them. shall not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly caused to an individual / organization.

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2021 color palette for children’s rooms 2021 color palette for children’s rooms

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