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The countdown to the 2021 F1 season is underway, but there’s still a lot to do before the first race of the campaign.

The F1 team needs to prepare a new car and get it on track, before which there is a regular launch season.

This is what we know about pre-season accumulation.

When is Formula 1 pre-2021 test?

As part of F1’s cost savings, the team and the FIA ​​have agreed to reduce testing this season from 6 days to 3 days.

During the period, the team is limited to one car, so each driver can only run for a day and a half prior to the season opener in Bahrain.

The original plan was to test in Barcelona, ​​Spain in early March, but the current situation surrounding the coronavirus has changed.

It doesn’t make much sense to host it in its original location, as there are blockades in much of Europe related to uncertainty about the impact of Brexit travel restrictions on UK teams. I felt that.

Therefore, as the original F1 season opener was moved from Australia on March 21st to Bahrain on March 28th, it makes the most sense to test at the Sakhir venue as well.

This means that there is a single test session from in Bahrain 12-14 march.

When will the new F1 car in 2021 be released?

The Formula 1 team is currently working hard to prepare the car for 2021, with an official announcement scheduled for late February or early March.

This is a summary of what each team has said so far.


Mercedes hasn’t confirmed its launch plans yet, but speculation is that it will be able to drive for the first time in early March on the shooting date at Silverstone.

Red bull

Red Bull hasn’t finalized a launch plan for the car yet, but has confirmed that the upgraded car is called the RB16B because it holds many parts from last year’s challenger.


McLaren is probably facing the busiest winter of all, as it is the only team exchanging engine suppliers this year.

Woking-based outfits are moving from Renault’s power unit To Mercedes As a result, the 2021 car is called the MCL35M.

The team hasn’t announced a launch plan yet, but they’re teasing some images of the car in regular orange.

Aston Martin

The Racing Point Team has changed its brand name this year as Aston Martin. Not only a new car, but also a completely new British Racing Green coloring.

Silverstone-based outfits say they will launch cars and new colors at March event.


The Renault team has changed its brand name to Alpine this year as part of its push to build a French sports car brand.

The team has announced that it will run in a whole new livery and reveal the Alpine A521. At the event in February.


Ferrari will announce the new SF21 shortly before the pre-season test in Bahrain.I want to keep the Italian costume Team launch event Earlier this year, the car showcase was waiting late.

Alpha Tauri

AlphaTauri has not yet announced the release date of the 2021 Honda-equipped car, but plans to drive it for the first time on the shooting date at Imola. Between 23-25 February.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo was the first F1 team to confirm the 2021 car launch date.C41 will be released at the event February 22nd in Warsaw.


Haas ran in a whole new driver lineup in 2021, with Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen being replaced by Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin.

No plans have yet been announced for the announcement of the new Ferrari motor vehicle.


With George Russell and Nicholas Latifi continuing as their second year teammates, Williams will embark on 2021 with an unmodified driver lineup.

The glove-based outfit purchased by Drillton Capital last year has yet to reveal plans for a new car launch.

Is the new F12021 car different?

The 2021 car will have to take over the same chassis as last year, but some rule tweaks have been made to ensure some differences.

In 2021, the cars were tweaked to reduce downforce, especially targeting the floor, so that Pirelli tires could accommodate faster cars than ever before.

Pirelli recently had the team test next year’s prototype tires, but was supposed to maintain the 2019 compound for three consecutive seasons.

These prototypes, which feature a more robust construction, have been so strongly criticized by drivers that it is not yet known which specifications will eventually be used.

Further bids to reduce costs ahead of the upcoming budget cap will force the team to stick to the current chassis of 2021, but to rework certain areas of the car, including aerodynamics. It is permissible to spend so-called development tokens on.

Engine manufacturers are also allowed to introduce new power unit specifications before the first race.

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2021 F1 Season: New Car Launches and Test Dates Latest | F1 News 2021 F1 Season: New Car Launches and Test Dates Latest | F1 News

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