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In 2020 Fantasy football Either the season ends or the week ends, we move to the dynasty’s mindset by considering some of the trade goals for the 2021 season. Here are some players to try to get on the roster that could be the bounce back season next year.

2021 dynasty trade goals

Carson Wentz

Targeting quarterbacks needs to be adjusted for the Superflex League. This is especially true as we don’t know if Wentz will return to Philadelphia or become the starter for the first day. If Wentz is with the Philadelphia Eagles next year, Jalen Hurts must be considered the leader of Philadelphia’s first quarterback clubhouse.

It may not be extremely friendly to salary caps, but Wentz has a good chance of moving this offseason. No team will be as financially demanding as the Eagles next year. We know that NFL salary caps are likely to go down next year or stay the same at best.

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Even if they have to eat some of Wentz’s money, moving him (perhaps while adding a draft topic) may make financial sense to the Eagles.

And Wentz says he’s not interested in being a backup. Wentz was a bad starter for Philadelphia this year. There is no way around it. He has fallen into too many bad habits. But there is no way around the fact that his support cast, especially the Eagles Offensive Line, was also very poor.

Can Carson Wentz bounce back in 2021?

As you may remember, Wentz played well late last year without the help of his teammates. So he doesn’t have to make his situation perfect and innocent. And of course, we know that this is a player who has played for a long time at a very high level in his career. This gives me hope — he can be one of the top targets of dynasty trade in 2021.

Indeed, many teams (perhaps Colts or Patriots?) Want to buy at a low price on a landfill project with Wentz facing up in the most valuable position on the field.

Since winning the Super Bowl, the Eagles have a losing record. Wentz is undoubtedly responsible for that, but the point is that Philadelphia has not been a model organization since it hosted the Lombardi Trophy. Perhaps changing the landscape and returning to the basics is exactly what Wentz needs. For real-world and fantasy reasons, there are currently no better by-low players in the league. And you can get Wentz as cheaply as the next NFL team.

Which running back should you target this off-season?

2021 Trade Goals | Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, D’Andre Swift, and Jonathan Taylor

The same applies to all four of these highly talented rookie running backs. It took some time for these people to get into the NFL level. Probably due to the lack of regular training camps and the lack of pre-season matches. Maybe it took time for each coaching staff to trust these rookie bags in pass protection.

Whatever the reason, Akers, Dobbins, Swift and Taylor all started slowly and fell short of expectations. But recently we’ve seen what these four can do — and it’s tremendous. Now that all four have taken over the backfield, don’t be surprised if all four running backs were a quick re-draft choice for the first round of 2022.

In fact, off-season hype is certain to grow with this group, and it may be necessary to use the first round re-draft topic in 2021 to ensure landing. Keep in mind that this next rookie class is not the same as a running back, so you may not have as many young options in this position as in recent years. Therefore, it is very difficult to get a price tag after jumping over these four.

Antonio Gibson is another person who rarely missed this grouping, but it doesn’t offer as much benefit as Acres, Dobbins, Swift, and Taylor. He’s probably a bit cheaper than these four so far, but he’s definitely the one who targets in the same vein.

Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon

One of the more interesting dynasty trade goals for 2021 is Joe Mixon. Mixon is currently on the prank list of many dynasty owners.

After playing just six games this year, rushing 428 yards to 138 yards, a total of four touchdowns, many of Mixon’s owners have lost to him and he is affordable in the trade market. You can get it. In terms of pure talent, running back in the league is rarely at Mixon’s level. He really has everything, including his excellent ability as a receiver.

Mixon is only 24 years old and Bengals has given him a lot of money this past offseason. Cincinnati has been invested in him and you should be. Even better, Bengals are unlikely to deal with this off-season running back position, especially Samageperin and Trebeon Williams, who have made promises at the end of the year.

Unlike most rookie quarterbacks, Joe Burrow has shown his ability to improve the people around him this year. It’s rare.And still Barrow’s injury situation, We should expect the first overall choice of last year to be even better in the future. In addition, the top priority of Cincinnati’s attacks must be to absolutely improve the attack line. This has actually improved a bit throughout the year, even without the recent Jona Williams.

Williams will be back next year, and maybe Cincinnati will be able to sign a veteran interior lineman and draft a great tackle outlook like Penay Seawell. In any case, Mixon’s blocking should improve significantly next year, and he’s paired with a promising quarterback foreseeable future.

Top trade goals for the 2021 WR dynasty

DJ Chark

Another trade goal of our dynasty in 2021 is DJ Chark. Chark may have been the most frustrating player in fantasy football this year. But don’t forget what he showed us in 2019. Jacksonville has targeted him a lot this year, no matter who is in the quarterback.

Chark was targeted 94 times in 13 games after seeing 118 passes thrown in 15 games last year. He is more than just a linear deep threat, and last year he showed that he could run almost the entire root tree. Chark can be played not only in volume, but also in explosive game-changing play.

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But the key here is clearly-especially for dynasty reasons-Trevor Lawrence. Assuming Lawrence declares the 2021 NFL Draft, the outlook for the elite quarterback will be Jacksonville Jaguars. And you want to move all parts of that action forward. In addition, Jacksonville has plenty of off-season resources, many of which should be considered going to the ball’s defensive side rather than the chark competition.

He may be a little higher than Labisca Shenol, but not as much as you can imagine after the season Chark just had and the promises Shenor made. But it still applies to Shenor playing with Lawrence. That’s why she is also a target man. Once on the ground floor of the Jacksonville pass game, everyone can understand what this is going to be.

Honorable Mention

QB: Joe Burrow
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Miles Gaskin
WR: Bryan Edwards, Tea Higgins, Terry McLaughlin, Deebo Samuel, Courtland Sutton
TE: Noah Fant, Abh Smith

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2021 Fantasy Off-Season Top Dynasty Trade Goals 2021 Fantasy Off-Season Top Dynasty Trade Goals

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