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Player: Zach Banner

Position: Tackle

Experience: 4 years

Free Agent Status: Unlimited

2020 salary cap hit: $ 1,750,000

Breakdown of the 2020 season:

The Zach Banner was chosen by Indianapolis Colts in the fourth round in 2017 and will be a turbulent few years. After landing at a training camp with the Pittsburgh Steelers at a roundabout in 2018, his career has grown steadily.

He spent his first season inactive in the club, but he liked what he showed during the short hours of training camps and preseason, so he stuck to a roster of 53 people all year round. A year later, he defeated Chukuuma Ocolafor to take on the role of swing tackle and saw over 200 snaps as additional linemen. Not only did he succeed with that, but also became a fan’s favorite moment when he was announced to report:

Despite having recorded over 200 snaps in that role, when the Steelers opened the correct tackle position in one game by moving Matt Filer to the left guard to accommodate Ramon Foster’s appearance, they Gave a start to Okora, not him, with Mike Tomlin. Despite what Okorafor did himself in 2018, they said they wanted to make him available for that qualified role.

After the filer moved to guard full-time this past season, Banner and Okorafor competed with each other during the training camp and started with the right tackle. Banner won the competition, but his time will be short as ACL broke towards the end of his somewhat uneven debut as a starter.

Free Agency Outlook:

He’s been a four-year player, and given that his name started a career and he’s out of the ACL breach, I don’t think Banner’s market is that strong. Last year, the Steelers signed a one-year contract worth $ 1.75 million as a restricted free agent. This is below the initial bid of $ 2,133,000.

Despite the injury, Banner remains connected to the team. After the season was over, he posted on social media that he had a very encouraging exit meeting. This seems to mean that the Steelers have expressed their intention to keep him in the fold and perhaps even consider him a starter.

In terms of rehabilitation, it seems to be proceeding smoothly. He started running for the first time recently, but he said it brought him to tears. He thinks he is ready to play in early 2021. I think it’s very likely to be the Steelers. Depending on the passage of the next few months, you may enter the next starting lineup. Right tackle, Ocolafor will probably move to the left tackle.

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2021 Free Agent Analysis: T Zach Banner – Unlimited 2021 Free Agent Analysis: T Zach Banner – Unlimited

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