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2021 International Cargo Bike of the Year: Vowag, Chike, Carla Cargo’s Best Bike Solutions

NS competition, hold for NS The second time NS HUSS-VERLAG, decide winner appropriate for logistics of NSProfessionally Equipment Cargo bike from Vowag (heavy), eChike cargo that’s why good that’s why NS trailer Carla Cargo.

Intensive test NS NS well experienced jury of Expert on site Preceding NSFreestyle.. After a thorough testing procedure by an international judge by cargo bike experts, the “2021 International Cargo Bike” award was announced at the 2nd National Cycle Logistics Conference in Frankfurt Ammine. .. The award is divided into three classes, taking into account the logistics and commercial usage trends of cargo bikes.

The award is divided into three classes, taking into account the logistics and commercial usage trends of cargo bikes and is presented by the HUSS-VERLAG trade journal LOGISTRA. “Compared to two years ago, the industry has seen a surge in innovation and a trend towards specialization, and there have been a lot of applications for this award,” explained Jury Chairman Johannes Rachel at the award ceremony. This will allow on-site testing on the premises of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, making the campus area available for extensive test drives, while at the same time making the “Applied Sciences” example more exciting and focused. Provided. Reichel further emphasized that cargo bikes are trying to make a profit for logistics companies in terms of robustness, practicality and cost-effectiveness, although acquisition costs are still quite high. Fewer providers are trying to join both B2B and B2C fields. The trend is clearly towards focus and specialization. Especially in the “heavy” category, there are concepts on the market that can be described as “tools” rather than “motorcycles”.

“As we are accustomed to the car, which is a universal means of transportation, there is no cargo bike for everything, but especially in urban areas, cars, speed, punctuality and space in terms of speed. There is a concept that it can perform better than automobiles in terms of requirements and environmental considerations, “added the head of the test + technology department. He also said that the concept of decentralized microdepots needs to be combined with decentralized urban logistics. Participants in the conference in Frankfurt hosted by the German Cycle Logistics Association (RLVD) were able to see examples of this live at sites such as CityLog, Cleanffm, UPS Mikrodepot, Sachenauf Rädern, Swobbee and DHL Express.

The winning vehicle stood out by taking a big step and covering a wide range of applications.In Cargo bike trailer Category, NS Carla Cargo With the optional and clever Max Messenger Light CEP body of the improved 2021 model,НHinter Har Transporter“” From a Munich-based manufacturer of the same name. In addition to a simple and practical platform version, the latter also provided a Zarges box solution ideal for CEP delivery. The jury emphasized that the two trailers each offer the potential for a huge amount of cargo at a relatively low cost, but with different payload classes. As a rule, the combination of slim trailers as well as single track slim bikes offers a wide range of possibilities.

With Light Cargo bikeGerman manufacturer Hartje, designed for narrow aisle widths, took the initiative Ticket e-Cargo A model that earns points with the universal tilting technology concept and combines agile handling with excellent payload, compact design and easy maintenance. Behind it Lytle triLiner With its rugged design and professional packaging, the powerful Heinzman front engine can be rolled into the finish line at a reasonable price, slim, super agile and even foldable. Tern HSD, This is destined especially for food delivery services.

In “top class” NSEvie cargo bike, NS Vowag Cargo MDesigned according to industrial and automotive standards, designed on a four-wheel steel platform and topped the list. Robust components and chassis open up a myriad of options and cargo possibilities, offer a favorable price / performance ratio, and last but not least, a very powerful e that eliminates the need for chains and runs on generators and e-motors. Provide a drive.

Immediately behind it Tricargo LademeisterThe classic three-wheeled bike crosses the finish line, eradicates many obstacles on first-generation cargo bikes, and relies on rugged motorcycle components, finely chopped pinion cargo transmissions, and a fixed pallet-compatible body. bottom. price.Behind it is an industrially designed pre-series version ant. Cargo: 4, Like Vowag, came in 3rd place. It also combines a very rugged design with very safe road handling, durable components, powerful braking and, above all, a high payload and volume in a specially designed cargo box. As an “honor award”, the judges pointed out the innovative performance of the Austrian brandGlitter, Whose escape The model spans a light and profound world, sets the standard for agility and handling with a slanted chassis, and has the right payload, replaceable body, and right price.

In addition to LOGISTRA’s Test + Technology Officer Johannes RachelThe expert jury includes practitioners in the cargo bike industry. Thomas HL Schmitz, Managing Director and Founder of Radlader GmbH, Mainz’s Wheeled Logistics Specialist, Satish Kumar Beera, The Hague University of Applied Sciences Lector engineering & Product development, and Berlin-based Cycle Logistics Specialist Martin Schmitt In addition to the theoretical assessment of Cyclelogistics GmbH and the cargo bike service BlueCargo GmbH, the jury conducted an intensive on-site test drive to form an informed opinion about the characteristics of the vehicle.

2021 International Cargo Bike of the Year: Vowag, Chike, Carla Cargo’s Best Bike Solutions 2021 International Cargo Bike of the Year: Vowag, Chike, Carla Cargo’s Best Bike Solutions

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