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2021 Monthly Stock Chip Results

I wish @ Joe Brow Post the results of your monthly tip contest here at the end of each month to record, update and view year-round data as it progresses throughout 20201.

I hope it is a little intriguing and more entries to the competition every month. With 61 players in 2019 and 73 players in 2020, the number of players has increased.

Below are the results for 2020. This allows you to compare the situation this year and last year. The monthly winners are Bright Green, 2nd is Bright Yellow, and 3rd is Bright Aqua.
I sorted the data by most entries and then listed the highest average returns.

Joe will soon post the January 2021 results (crossing his fingers). Then post the first layout of the data to record after his post.

2020 Data.png

2021 Monthly Stock Chip Results 2021 Monthly Stock Chip Results

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