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when Rangers Won the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery and drafted Alexis Lafreniere. This was seen as their big step forward. Rebuilding.. La Frenière wasn’t going to be Connor McDavid, but he was going to quickly increase the Rangers’ scoring depth. He did have a hard time, but he finished the season powerfully.

In 56 games, La Frenière finished the season on the 12-9-21 line, of which 8-5-13 played in the last 25 games. It leaves 4-4-8 in the first 31 games. Not exactly the best split, but he was at a 40-point pace to end the season. All of this is mostly played on the third line, without spending a lot of time on power play. It was a crime for the overall No. 1 pick to gain 64 minutes of power playtime this season.

Impact on ice

First focus on the attack, La Frenière, Like other Rangers Forward, Was below the league average. Therefore, it is important to compare this with the Rangers xGF / 60 when he is away from the ice. Unfortunately, Lafreniere was 8% positive online. We sometimes saw a flash of his brilliance, but it began to come together later in the season.

Defensively, it was a completely different story for La Frenière, who was 16% negative online. A little interesting is that the impact appears to be completely on the other side of the ice.As LW David QuinnThe area of ​​Lafreniere, the system of, is the upper left section of these heatmaps.Still Big chunk of red It’s in the lower right section. Therefore, this requires a little deeper digging.

Focusing only on La Frenière here, the defense he played the most (the shade of dark red) was Brendan Smith And Ribol Haiek.. Now things are starting to make sense for that huge red mass, right? This certainly suggests that the defensive effect is due to playing with Smith and Hajek. But it does not just exempt all accusations of La Frenière. He was a newcomer to a bad system for defense. This will be improved.

Lafreniere’s RAPM confirms that he has fought his own defensively. This is not unusual for NHL teenage newcomers.

Final grade

The final grade of La Frenière, Capo parenthesisHowever, it is difficult to measure. Lafreniere had a hard time adapting to the NHL early on. Even if you don’t have a training camp, you can easily explain it. Pre-season.. He put it all together to finish the season at a pace of 40 points, which was also far from the hopeful Calder Memorial Trophy season. Expecting it may have been a bit unfair, but it’s hard not to be hyped in the first overall choice.

La Frenière’s total points were greatly affected by the significant lack of power play time. It will (should) change under the new coach. Scoring children with less ice time is certainly a tough year.End of season

Alexis Lafreniere 2021 Report Card Grade: B.

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2021 New York Rangers Report Card: Alexis La Frenière 2021 New York Rangers Report Card: Alexis La Frenière

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