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“When [Head] coach [Doug] Pederson came and sat down in 2016. We said we would always be in a quarterback position. It was the most important position in the sport. “

These were the first words that came out of GM Howie Roseman’s mouth. Introducing last season’s Jalen Hurts press conference.. He went on to talk about the success of the Eagles drafting Wentz in 2016. How does adding Hearts to the room help Wentz’s interests? And how did this choice not indicate a lack of trust in Wentz? At that time, those debates seem weak and still struggling to maintain weight after the turbulent season of the Eagles. I looked back earlier this season and walked through those discussions..

Needless to say, it was Roseman’s QB-centric team-building philosophy that brought Jalen Hurts to Philadelphia. In the three games Hearts started, he was fully accepted. Cool under pressure, effective as a runner, accurate against one-to-one defense, afraid of zone coverage, trying to break pockets quickly and prone to failure. Like most rookie quarterbacks, it has the exciting feature of wearing a hat. There is a habit that must be erased.

The bad news is that Hearts’ rookie performance is better than most of what the Eagles got from the estimated fifth-year Pro Carson Wentz in the franchise quarterback. Wentz hasn’t played to the caliber of the 2017 season since he ended up injured, but both the 2018 and 2019 seasons showed a functional quarterback that could read the defense. Feel the pressure; avoid bags. Throw accurate football. 2020 was an unprecedented year for many, and it was for Wentz, who certainly looked straight and broken. The coaching staff had no solution and the support cast struggled on its own.

And what if your team is playing bad quarterbacks? You won’t win too many games.Eagles play 4-10-1, play a division-leading game Washington football team Inbound and currently 2021 NFL draft.. Except for the results of the 17th week, they choose somewhere from the 3rd to the 10th.

The place they choose is the question that will be answered this weekend. Who do they choose? It will take a little longer.

There is Ja’Marr Chase, 2019 true sophomore WR LSU Tigers We opted out of the 2020 season and endorsed the Billetnikov award-winning work. His claim to WR1 has been challenged by Alabama WR this year Devonta Smith, A Highsman front runner who saw a production almost equivalent to the feature piece of Alabama’s record-breaking pass game.

WR is a big need for Philadelphia. So is the cornerback. Expected Top 10 Choose Caleb Farley (Virginia Tech) And Patrick Satein II (Alabama) may both be available as Darius Srey’s running mate. If the Eagles decide to invest in linebackers with an early choice (which is very unlikely given their commitment to analysis), Pennsylvania State LB Mika Parsons is 6 feet-3, 245 pounds, 4.4340 yards. Dash speed is considered a unique defensive outlook. These weak positions on the Eagles roster do not even disqualify them from attacking trenches with premium picks, as they are known to do: both EDGE and OT have sneaky needs. It may be.

Do you know another position where the Eagles demand a fairly weak premium pick?


Currently, there are two bets in the quarterback field. One is Wentz and the other is Hearts. With Wentz, we are confident that 2021’s aggressive coaching staff (anyone) can at least bring Wentz back to career average play. You can be a good team with that level of QB play — even better if Wentz rises beyond that.

But they are narrow bets. Under the coaching staff who put him on the bench just after the season Wentz spent, he offered a consistent season of starting caliber play, with almost the same aggressive roster who might prefer Hearts to him. It’s hard to expect to do. If Wentz revived his career, he could have done it outside of Philadelphia.

Scratches are also a narrow bet. Coaching staff have not yet trusted him as a full-field passerby, trying to avoid the middle of the field where Hearts was a poor college passerby. However, his running ability enhances his floor and the Eagles have the potential to build functional offenses around zone-reading offenses.

However, even if you get a functional offense from Hearts or Wentz, that offense must be measured against the offenses performed by the Top 10 draft topics. And I don’t know if both will stack up.

This quarterback class has been at the top of the class since 2018, including Baker Mayfield, Samdernold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson, and even more powerful in the top five picks. Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence is being billed as a generational outlook. Ohio QB Justin Fields has defeated him in the college football playoffs and has just as many natural talents, if inexperienced. BYU QB Zach Wilson is the largest riser in the 2021 cycle, depicting a comparison between Kyler Murray and Aaron Rodgers.

Eagles if one of the three is on the board Must Consider taking them. Evaluating prospects is difficult, so don’t be overconfident in your ability to identify good professional quarterbacks. However, there are only two weak bets on the influential starting quarterback. I’m talking about a player changing the franchise. Neither Wentz nor Hearts would be that man. Fields and Wilson can be very successful.

Correcting the quarterback will have a bigger impact on the next few seasons of the Eagles than getting a top flight WR or CB.Implicit points when Roseman talks about “always” [being] For quarterback positions, the most important position in the sport is to devote resources to quarterbacks until just before he works elsewhere on the roster.

And Roseman’s philosophy is important here. His job is clearly secured 2021, and the Eagles if he’s a shot caller will Consider choosing a quarterback in the top 10, whether wise or not. There are still some hurdles left from now on — they need to evaluate the outlook, have their high opinion, evaluate Wentz and Hearts internally, make changes to their coaching staff, and go through free agents. there is.

Much can happen in the next four months to reduce the chances of the Eagles taking a quarterback, but for now it should be considered a possible outcome. And potentially a franchise saver.

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2021 NFL Draft: Of course, the Eagles will consider a quarterback draft 2021 NFL Draft: Of course, the Eagles will consider a quarterback draft

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