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How should the team assess the risk of injury?

At what point does talent and potential outweigh the risk that a player is not on the field? That’s a question the NFL team has to answer regarding Miami’s EDGE Jaelan Phillips.

Philips was originally UCLA As a nationwide consensus stop outlook. However, he was medically forced to retire from football in his second year after suffering many injuries in the first two seasons. After enrolling in UCLA, Phillips suffered a wrist injury in a moped, sprained his ankle (both left and right ankles), and most notably a trio of concussion, eventually ending his time at UCLA. ..

He transferred to the University of Miami with the intention of entering the music industry, but eventually returned to the football field in 2020. Philips finally showed his ability to make him one of the top new hires in the country last year, but doubts remain. About those injuries?

The· New York Giants With a clear and urgent need for a pass rusher, Philips may be the best in its class. But how great is their risk appetite?

Prospect: Gellan Phillips

Games watched: vs. Duke (2020), vs. Virginia Tech (2020), vs. North Carolina (2020), vs. Clemson (2020)
Red flag: History of serious injury


height: 6050 (6 feet-5)
weight: 260 lbs

Career statistics

Games played:
Tackle: 86
Addressing Loss: 23.5
bag: 12.5
Defensive path: Five

2020 statistics

Games played: Ten
Tackle: 45
Addressing Loss: 12.5
bag: 8.0 8.0
Defensive path: 3

Quick summary

Best: Length, first step, explosiveness, bending, body control, play strength, technique
worst: History of injuries
projection: Start with EDGE Pro bowl Assuming he stays healthy, it’s possible.

Game tape

Complete report

Miami EDGE Jaelan Phillips has the length, athleticism, first steps and techniques to become an immediate impact player at the NFL level.

Phillips played in a variety of alignments, from 9 techniques to middle guards (specific pressure packages), playing from both the left and right sides of the defense. His most common alignment was as a defensive left edge opposite the right tackle. Philips routinely played as both a stand-up pass rusher and a defensive end from a 3-point stance and was effective from both stances.

Philips has a good first step combined with good snap timing to make him explode from the ball. He consistently plays with good leverage, can get under the blocker’s pad and makes good use of his length to prevent Lineman from establishing blocks. Phillips uses his hands well to keep himself clean and show various pass rush movements. He mixes speed movements, power movements, and converting speed into power, making it difficult for blockers to predict. He also has enough lower body flexibility and fluidity to bend the edges sharply and carry speed throughout the rush.

Phillips is also a talented Rover Defender who can use his length to control blockers and leverage and strength of play to give him a solid advantage. He can take off the blocks and play as a runner, or he can play with blocks with his long arms.

Miami also asked Phillips to enter the press in certain cases. He didn’t look perfectly comfortable or fluid in shallow zone coverage, but he did a good job of gaining depth fast enough and staying aware of his surroundings.

The biggest weakness in the field at Philips was, frankly, the slight tendency to rely on ineffective spin moves. A much bigger knock on him is the history of his serious injuries. While at UCLA, Phillips suffered a wrist injury in a moped accident, sprained both ankles, and suffered three concussion. Concussion was the number one concern, and the last concern brought the end of his career at UCLA, which required him to take off 2019 from football.

Overall grade: 8.9 -This prospect is an immediate starter and has athletic tools and technical polish to become an influential player. Due to concerns about injury, he remains in the fringe 1st / 2nd range.


Jaelan Phillips plans to be an out-of-the-box EDGE with the potential to become a Pro Bowl caliber player early in his career.

That is, if he can stay healthy and stay in the field.

Philips has all the tools to be a prominent pass rusher where bursts, bends, liquidity, power and explosiveness are legitimate criminal issues. He also has enough length, good leverage, and the strength of play to be a reliable Land Rover Defender at the edge. Philips has the versatility to play from a 2 or 3 point stance, slide inward with a nickel package and drop into coverage, so you can play with almost any defense.

He already has solid skills, good leverage, and good discipline to shorten the learning curve and should be able to step into the starting role right away.

If Philips had been healthy throughout his college career, he would definitely be a Top 10 or Top 5 prospect. But he didn’t say he was healthy, and those concussions had to be a danger signal for the team. Brain damage has always been a concern, and previous concussion increases the likelihood of future concussion. The team needs to assess his health after the 2020 season and his chances of staying in the field.

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2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jaelan Phillips, EDGE, Miami 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Jaelan Phillips, EDGE, Miami

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