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The Pittsburgh Steelers 2020 season is now a book. With a disastrous postseason defeat by Cleveland Browns, it ended in a spectacular way — the wrong kind of spectacular — after going 12-4 in the regular season and winning the first AFC North. Sent to early off-season mode in 3 years in time.

Since then, they have lost some players of free agents who were key members of attack and defense. Several starters have also retired. They are free agents and make some notable additions, taking advantage of their contributions to the rookie attack and perhaps Ben Roethlisberger’s last ride.

The only thing they are facing now as they head towards 2021 is more questions. So far, they lack the answer. They know Roethlisberger has been around for another year, but was that even the right decision? How successful can Nagy Harris be behind the suspicious line of attack? What changes can Matt Canada and Adrian Krem bring to the attack? And how can defense remain as it is with the defeats of Bud Dupree, Steven Nelson and Mike Hilton?

These are the types of questions we survey on a daily basis, and we will continue to do so. Soccer is a year-round pastime, and although there are rarely specific answers, there are always questions. This is your place to explore the topics we present through all of the uncertainties.

question: Does Justin Rain make a roster of 53 people?

Justin Layne is the only cornerback in the training camp and it’s starting to feel like he’s not talking about making a play. That’s not great given that they used him a third draft topic. Before, 2019.

A junior student from Michigan who had never played in defense before entering college, Rain seemed like a project with great benefits, but for the third year, the Steelers still benefit. I’m waiting for you to start.

But they aren’t swimming deep in the secondary either. It is also important to emphasize that the preseason has not yet been reached. If he steps up and plays well in the stadium and with a special team, that’s the most important place.

So far, the top four cornerback positions look safe with Joe Haden, Cameron Sutton, Antoine Brooks Jr. in the slots and James Pierre. Behind it is Arthur Moret. Who remained? Stephen Denmark has played several plays here and there, but there is a long way to go to prove himself.

We are waiting for contact from new college free agents Shakul Brown and Mark Gilbert, who haven’t had much time to play yet. Still, if he does enough to win it, when everything is said and done, it feels like there are still roster spots available for Rain.

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2021 Off-Season Question: Will Justin Rain Make a List of 53 People? 2021 Off-Season Question: Will Justin Rain Make a List of 53 People?

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