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Warm and stable weather conditions are expected at F1’s first Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but track conditions can still be difficult.

The penultimate round of the championship is a new temporary facility this weekend Jeddah Cornish Circuit, Located in the second largest city in the country. The race takes place overlooking the Red Sea, so coastal breeze keeps desert temperatures cool.

Still, mercury is expected to exceed 30 ° C for all three days of competitive activity on the truck. It is not yet known what that means for road surface temperature, but recently laid asphalt is likely to absorb heat.

An important question mark is about grip levels this weekend. As F1 experienced last year on a visit to a recently relaid location Istanbul park At Algarve Track, it takes time for fresh asphalt to give the desired grip. Only when oil leaks from the surface first and they are cleaned up can racing drivers find all the adhesive strength they crave.

How fast will the road surface improve this weekend? Warm and dry conditions should help, as well as the fact that F1 shares the venue with F1 and the Porsche Support Series. It cleans the surface and helps to put the rubber. However, it is not clear if enough grip will be obtained to achieve the promised qualifying lap of 250kph or higher. It may turn out to be dangerous enough to drive out carelessness.

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2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

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2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix F1 Weather Forecast 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix F1 Weather Forecast

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