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The Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 season is underway and they want better results compared to last season. After starting 11-0, they finished 1-4 years in the regular season, then lost in a wild card round to the Cleveland Browns, igniting the first quarter of 0-28.

We lost a lot of key players in the off-season, including Maurkice Pouncey, Bud Dupree, Alejandro Villanueva, David DeCastro, Mike Hilton and Stephen Nelson, but as the months went by, we added a lot of trays in particular. I did. Turner, Melvin Ingram, Joe Schobert, Akero Witherspoon. They also added Nagy Harris, Pat Fly Armas, Kendrick Green and Dan Moore Jr. All of these seem to be in the first role of the season opener (or in the case of Fly Armor, a complementary role).

At this point there is not much to do other than playing the game. They have a roster of 53 people, which always changes to some extent. However, there is still much to understand about what Matt Canada’s attacks will look like in a particular week, and how the secondary and aggressive lines of the new look will work.

These are just some of the many other questions we have investigated on a daily basis, and we will continue to do so. Soccer is an entertainment all year round and there are always questions. There is rarely a concrete answer, but this is your place to explore the topics we present through all the uncertainties.

question: Who’s absent between Alex Highsmith and Dionte Johnson this week?

The Steelers had two untrained starters, at least so far, including third-year wide receivers Dion Ta Johnson and Alex Highsmith. Both are young starters and are more likely to require practice time to play.

From that point of view, it’s hard to say which player is more likely to play if either one can work on the field today, but it’s still unclear what the status of either will be. If so, until Sunday. Otherwise, it can be overwhelmingly excluded.

But what’s more worrisome about Sunday’s match is which player isn’t there? I’d like to ask this question regardless of other factors, but we can’t really do it because it’s not a real mechanism. In that spirit, it should be noted that TJ Watt has only practiced on a limited basis for the past two days and it is unclear if he will play either.

Still, he was able to actually practice, so it’s much more likely to play, so let’s assume he’s there. Highsmith looks good so far this season, but it certainly helps that Watt and Melvin Ingram played almost every snap last week.

Wide receivers still include Juju Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, and James Washington, but it’s Johnson who is open and generates targets. Allowing Johnson to be open is a huge security blanket for pass games that lack pass protection and attack lines that leak with pass protection, as other receivers are struggling to get isolation. is.

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2021 Southside Question: Want to know more about the absence of Dionte Johnson or Alex Highsmith? 2021 Southside Question: Want to know more about the absence of Dionte Johnson or Alex Highsmith?

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