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As in the last few years, we are investigating the Pittsburgh Steelers under 2021 off-season futures contracts. What you can expect from those who spend most, if not a year, on the practice team and (hopefully) during the training camp for the regular season.

Matthew Sexton / WR Eastern Michigan – 5’9 / 6 176

Sexton may not have technically signed a “futures” contract, but all his minimal off-season contracts work the same. He is one of the five players the Steelers signed by the team following their Pro Day training. However, Sexton did not actually lose training last season, as most athletes did.

Training for Sexton and his East Michigan took place on March 12, 2020, with virtually the last day of Pro Day before the football world closed. I don’t know if anyone attended the EMU training, but the 12th was the last day I noticed a Steelers scout on the trail. Sexton raised solid numbers. 4.44 40, 34.5 inch vertical, 10’2 “width, but his agility drill was dull. 4.34 Short Shuttle and 7.14 Three Cone.

At school, Sexton has raised a consistent number, albeit not brilliantly. From the second grade to the senior season, the receptions were not less than 26, not more than 37. The yard ranged from 357 to 508, while touchdowns increased once a year (twice in 2017, three times in 2018 and four times in 2019). If he had been in college for another 10 years, I think his number of end zones would have been amazing.

He was used as a bit of gadget / motion piece in their attack. Elements that may work under the new attack coordinator Matt Canada. Like this jet pass touchdown to Central Michigan in 2019.

Sexton also has some return values. He started the team’s kick-returner in 2017, averaging 17.3 yards per return on 18 tries. But his biggest special team play was easily achieved by avoiding upsets against Central Connecticut. With less than 20 seconds left, Sexton blocked the punt, scooped the ball, and jumped off the edge to score and win the game.

His special team snaps have diminished as he has become a more important figure in the attack.But as a sophomore in 2017, he 14 Tackle. Quite an incredible number. He completed his college career with 26 of them.

Sexton has an interesting skill set. A high-speed receiver with special team value in multiple aspects. This will work for anyone trying to stand out on a 90 roster. The receiver room is crowded and the road to 53 is difficult, but he is waiting for a big success. A 70-yard score is the type that attracts your attention and, more importantly, keeps you on the roster. Remember this guy’s name.

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2021 Steelers Futures Report-WR Matthew Sexton 2021 Steelers Futures Report-WR Matthew Sexton

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