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Now that the regular season has begun, it’s time to consider where the Pittsburgh Steelers are standing, following another year of disappointment, the fourth consecutive season with no wins after the season. Specifically, it’s where Steelers players stand individually based on what they see and see during the off-season and regular season. We will also review players based on the previous season and future outlook. There are several different approaches to stock valuation and I’ll try to clarify my reason. In some cases, it is based on longer-term trends. In another example, it would be a direct response to something that just happened. This allows us to meet players many times during the season as we move forward.

Player: TE Eric Ebron

Stock price: Fall

reason: The veteran tight end may be facing a procedure to deal with a knee injury injured in a Sunday match, which puts him on the reserve / injured list and returns to play this season. Can be difficult.

This was certainly a pretty frustrating season for Eric Ebron. Eric Ebron is a veteran former first round pick who is accustomed to being a prominent contributor year after year. Even last season, his first year at the Steelers, he scored 56 passes with 558 yards and five touchdowns. He isn’t near that this year.

Ebron played more than 75% of the team’s snaps in 2020. He played less than 50% of snaps this year. Even taking into account the two games he missed, his playing time is definitely reduced. He averages 31 snaps per game, about 522 snaps in 17 game seasons. That’s more than 200 snaps less than the snaps I played in 15 games last season.

With the advent of rookie Pat Freiermuth and third-year Zach Gentry, Ebron had to share the workload in a tight-end room for three people. He was often a short end in terms of the concrete contribution between reception and blocking. Gentry was their top blocker and Fly Armas became their trusted pass catcher.

Now it’s unclear if he will be dressed again for the Steelers. He suffered a knee injury while properly recording a touchdown with the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, and there are signs that he is likely currently facing surgery. It’s unclear if he has a realistic shot of coming back to play this year. He hasn’t signed a contract since this season.

The Steelers signed a two-year, $ 12 million deal with Ebron last year’s offseason. He was an expected player last year, but seems to have been gradually phased out in favor of other young and versatile tight ends.

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2021 Stock Watch-TE Eric Ebron-Stock Down 2021 Stock Watch-TE Eric Ebron-Stock Down

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