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a few weeks ago, Buccaneers At 6-3, I got out of a series of losses.No one really thought about the defender as much as it felt like the sky was falling. Super ball The champion was at risk of missing the playoffs. Most of the time, the concern was about what would happen when Bucks reached the postseason.

After defeating the Giants 30-10 and Colts 38-31, Tampa Bay will be 8-3, not far from winning the NFC South crown. After defeating the Falcons on Sunday, the team will achieve nine wins and retain ownership of the third seed. NFC playoff photos.. And with full performance, perhaps some of those worries from a few weeks ago will burn.

When Bucks visits Atlanta on Sunday to start the final full month of the 2021 regular season, there is a split and playoff impact, but the line has a lot of history. So it’s time to see where the franchise and NFL recordbooks are heading this Sunday, as we do every week.

** All statistics and records are from Pro-Football Reference unless otherwise stated. ** **

Career pass yard

Tom Brady’s 8,036-yard pass as a Buc is 1,404 away from Steve DeBerg’s (9,439) pass, the seventh highest in franchise history.

Career path touch down

Brady threw 70 touchdowns during his time in Tampa Bay, connecting him with the fifth-most Trent Dilfer in team history. Another, he officially passed Dilfer in 5th place, and 4 more ahead of Doug Williams (73) in 4th place.

Career path attempt

Brady tried 1,067 passes with Bucks. This is the eighth best thing in team history, with an additional 348 moving him seventh beyond Steve DeBerg (1,414).

Career completion

Brady completed 710 passes as Buc, 104 passes away from passing Steve DeBerg (813), the seventh most frequent franchise in history.

Single season pass touch down

With 30 touchdown passes this season, Brady is four away from passing Jameis Winston (33 in 2019) with the team’s second-highest single-season pass score. He needs an additional 11 to break his own franchise record of 40 set in 2020. (Bucs Communications)

Carrier lashing yard

Ronald Jones II hastened 2,010 yards in his career. In other words, you only need 38 yards to pass Arnist Graham (2,047), the 10th most in team history.

Carrier Rush Touch Down

Last Sunday, Jones made his 17th touchdown, ahead of Ricky Bell (16), the eighth-most in Bacchus history. Three more are needed to pass Warrick Dunn (19) in 7th place and Cadillac Williams (20) in 6th place.

Leonard Fournette has made up to 13 rush touchdowns as Buc, linking him to the 13th most popular franchise in history, Legalet Brandt and Doug Williams. Two more will connect Arnist Graham, Larstate and Peyton Barber (15) in 10th place.

Career rush attempt

Jones’ 446 rush attempts as Buc are the 13th most in team history. You need an additional 32 to pass Arnist Graham (477) in 12th place.

Carrier acceptance yard

Chris Godwin has earned up to 4,346 yards in his career and is ranked fourth in Buccaneer history. He needs an additional 583 yards to pass the third Kevin House (4,928).

Cameron Brate’s 2,619 yards is the 17th largest yard in team history. He is 86 away from passing Warrick Dunn (2,704), who is 16th on the team’s previous receive yard list.

Carrier receiving touchdown

Brate’s 30 touchdowns are one step away from connecting Kevin House (31), the third most franchise in history.

Having received 29 touchdowns in his career, Godwin is the fourth in team history to be one behind Brate (30) and the third behind House (31).

The 15 players OJ Howard has been touched down as Buc are the 15th most players in team history. One more thing is needed to connect Leidel Anthony (16) in 14th place.

Career reception

Godwin’s reception as Buc at 311 is 11 away from passing through Mark Carrier (321), the third most frequent franchise in history.

Brate holds 242 receptions in Tampa Bay uniforms, seven people away in front of Joey Galloway (248), the 12th most in team history.

Carrier 100-yard reception game

Godwin played a total of 14 100-yard receive games in his career, connecting him with Kevin House, the third most abundant in Buccaneer history. Another, he ties Mark Carrier (15) second. (Bucs Communications)

Single season receive touchdown

Mike Evans’ 10 touchdowns this season are tied to Joey Galloway (10 in 2005) with the fifth highest single season score in franchise history. Second, he has tied Mike Williams (11 in 2010) fourth in the single season ahead of Galloway. Of course, the record he’s chasing is already his. He owns the top three on the team’s single-season touchdown list (12th in 2014 and 2016, 13th in 2020). (Bucs Communications)

Carrier sack *

Shaquil Barrett won two sack against Colts last week, earning 35 in his buccaneer career, surpassing Chidia Hanots (34.5), the sixth in franchise history. He is now starting to chase David Logan (39) for fifth place on the team’s greatest sacklist ever.

Jason Pierre-Paul is stuck on 33 sack as Buc, connecting him with Brad Culpepper, the eighth most in team history. He passed Ahanotu (34.5) in 7th place and needed two more to tie Barrett in 6th place.

Labonte David’s 24 sack is 2.5 away from passing Greg Spires (26) in 12th place and tying Broderick Thomas (26.5) in 11th place. (Bucs Communications)

* According to the Pro-Football Reference, Sack was not official statistics until 1982.

Protected Career Path *

David now has a career of 54, as important passes were defended in the last few seconds of his victory against Colts last week. It associates him with Aqib Talib, the fifth most abundant in franchise history, and he needs an additional 11 to pass Donnie Abraham (64) fourth.

* According to the Pro-Football Reference, defended passes were not official statistics until 1999.

Carrier intercept

With 12 career passcuts, David continues with Jeris White, Mark Robinson and Dwight Smith, the 12th most passcut in Buccaneer history.

Career punt down within 20 yard line

Bradley Pinion made his 55th puntdown in his Bucks career last week, connecting him with Tommy Burnhart, the eighth-most franchise in history. He needs two more to pass Tom Tupa (56) in 7th place. (Bucs Communications)

Career game played

On Sunday, we will mark La Bonte David’s 147th match as Buc. This brings him closer to the eighth most common franchise in history, Shelton Quores (148).

William Gholston will play his 131st match as Buc on Sunday, moving him ahead of Brian Kelly and Demar Dotson (130), the 12th most in team history. He also moves one behind Richard “Batman” Wood in the 11th most games in Buccane’s history.

Sunday will be Mike Evans’ 118th match as Buc, connecting him with Randy Grimes in 21st place in team history.

Career start

Last Sunday in Indianapolis, Lavonte David made his 146th start as a Buc and was able to pass Tony Mayberry (145), the fourth-most franchise in history. Sunday marks his 147th start and the journey to catch Paul Gruber (183), who is ranked third on the team’s best-ever start leaderboard. (Bucs Communications)

** All statistics and records are from Pro-Football Reference unless otherwise stated. ** **

Carrier touchdown connection (regular season)

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, as teammates, participated in 88 regular season touchdowns. This is good for the third-most duo in league history, and one more thing is needed to tie. Philip Rivers Antonio Gates (89) is the second most common. (Bucs Communications)

Carrier touchdown connection (regular season + playoffs)

Brady and Gronkowski have linked to 102 touchdowns, including the playoffs. To get the most out of the duo in the history of the NFL, we need an additional 13 people. Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison (114) currently own the record. (Bucs Communications)

Carrier receiving touchdown

Gronkowski’s 90 career with a touchdown is the 13th most player in league history. Another, he ties Isaac Bruce (91) in 12th place.

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2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Watch: Week 13 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Record Watch: Week 13

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