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How much energy can rooftop solar panels provide around the world? A New research Refine your quote. (Curie / Colombia Climate School)

How many years will it be? COVID-19 is not over, political polarization is progressing, and global temperatures continue to rise. But for us, one of the big bright spots is Colombia Climate SchoolThe goal is to generate a knowledge-based solution for creating a fairer and more sustainable planet.

As the Earth Institute moves to the Climate School, the State of the Planet is expanding its reach, not just our experts. Centers and programsNot only are there great colleagues working on climate and sustainability throughout Columbia University. Below is a short summary of some of our favorite stories and videos from 2021.

Map of extreme heat exposure

Urban areas are increasingly exposed to extreme heat. Shows an interactive version of this map. Created by Jeremy Hinsdale / Columbia Climate School

Woman writing on paper

Researchers at the International Institute for Climate and Society in Colombia are developing tools that allow us to collect data directly from thousands of farmers about the risks of climate disasters they face. This data is used to design better index insurance to protect farmers in the event of a disaster. Credit: Daniel Osgood / IRI

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