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2021 will be the year of reinvention and rebirth: Anand Mahindra

According to conglomerate President Anand Mahindra, the Mahindra Group will become stronger from the Covid-19 crisis, turning the “strange and ominous year” of 2020 into the year of “reinventing and rehabilitation” in 2021.

In a New Year’s speech to 2.56 Rak employees in a group of 100 countries, Mahindra said, despite all the problems caused by last year’s pandemic:
“Some unexpectedly great things have emerged from what seemed like an impossibly bad situation.”

Researchers and regulators can accelerate the vaccine development process to 10 months, which is similar to the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, which would otherwise take 10 years, he learns from the perspective of the following objectives: He said there is a lesson to be taken. Leading business, restart and reassessment.

“I think the first important thing from that story is that the day of goal-driven business has arrived,” he said, although vaccine manufacturing is a true goal-driven business and is earning currency today. , Said the group is working on it. Since 1997.

A more important lesson is shown by medicine abandoning traditional approaches, restructuring processes, applying the latest technology, cutting unnecessary loops, and restarting to tackle new Covid-19 issues. The power of a quick reboot so that you can. He added that the hoop, which the researchers had jumped over, went all out to develop the vaccine.

“Do you know the average time it took to develop a vaccine – 10 years until this year? Yes 10 years. Still, thanks to this crisis, today, within 10 months, 3 effective instead of 1 We have developed a vaccine! ”Mahindra has been added. He said he couldn’t think of a more exciting example than the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, and that the group emerged more strongly by adopting a similar approach.

“And how did you do that? It’s the same way as a vaccine. By reassessing the approach, by using technology to reinvent the process, eliminating unnecessary and irrelevant things. By using capital more efficiently, it has speed and agility, especially by moving. “

Mahindra said, “I am very confident that I am on the verge of a new growth cycle.” “When I conclude my 75th anniversary celebration on October 2, this year, when I look back, my chin will go down.” Told. How far away from the paralysis in the first few months of the pandemic. You will be amazed at how we have made a leap and what resilience storage we have used. “

He added, “I know that the problem of 2020 will be pushed into the past because this DNA is embedded in us. This” strange and ominous year “as we” reinvent and regenerate. ” It changes to the year of. We will embark on the 30th year of the 21st century and confidently set the course for the 100th anniversary. “

Mahindra concludes the message with a video clip of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo jumping over the defender and scoring a goal, “capturing what he believes will be achieved this New Year.”

2021 will be the year of reinvention and rebirth: Anand Mahindra 2021 will be the year of reinvention and rebirth: Anand Mahindra

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