2021 World Video Game Hall of Fame finalists announced

The Strong National Museum of Play announced 12 finalists who could be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame later this year. Some of these games are more valuable than others, but the title spans some of the most beloved games and franchises to date. This year’s official enrollment will be announced from the museum’s location in Rochester, NY, effectively at 10:30 am EST on Thursday, May 6th. All games can be discussed, but only three join the 28 former members of the Hall of Fame. The complete list of finalists is:

Animal Forest
call of Duty
FIFA International Soccer
Guitar hero
Mattel football
Microsoft Flight Simulator
Pole position
Where is Carmen Sandiego in the world?

Finalists are voted by a group of game journalists and scholars. Several factors are considered, such as the overall cultural impact of the game. There is also an online Players Choice Voting that the general public can vote for until March 25th.

It’s exciting to see which three games will be the final cut! The presence of Animal Crossing on the list is especially interesting, as the game was rarely successful for Nintendo right away. Many can argue that the franchise is a relatively niche, but last year’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons success is nothing less than a phenomenon. But it’s still unclear if it’s enough to drive past games like Call of Duty!

Of course, there are undeniably big games on the list, but in recent years the impact has diminished. Guitar Hero was a huge success for Activision, but the franchise has been mostly dormant for the past decade. Mattel football was loved when it was released in 1977, but it can be argued that its influence is no longer felt at all.

Judges will weigh these and more factors over the next few months. No matter which game is finally cut, it’s impossible to please everyone, but it’s always next year!

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