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The new Mercedes C-Class sedan is one of the most popular cars for spy photographers’ camera lenses, and the W206 has been discovered in countless tests. The official premiere should be right there as the camouflage continues to fall and the production skins become more and more apparent.

As a good example, a three-pointed star was discovered with an improved star finish. 3 series Competitors by testing prototypes that appear to be almost ready for the long-awaited premiere. Makeup also shows the most important styling changes for the W205. You’ve got a sharper front end with slim headlights and perhaps a magnified grille, but the back hosts a horizontal taillight, as you’ll see in almost every other modern Mercedes sedan. ..

It certainly won’t be a big departure from its predecessor, but it’s also not new. S class Despite the completely redesigned interior. The C-Class has also undergone some major changes that ultimately avoid tablet-style infotainment for a touchscreen that is neatly integrated into the dashboard. It doesn’t have the same flashy setup as the W223, but given the positioning of the two models in the lineup, that’s to be expected.

The S family has been simplified with a coupe and a convertible ax, but the C lineup is expected to grow and include all-terrain derivatives to take over the Audi A4 all-road.The lifted wagon should allow the C-Class to better fight against the onslaught of SUVs, including Mercedes itself. GLC..

In 2021, the coronavirus pandemic continues, so it doesn’t look any better in terms of car shows. So it’s quite possible that Mercedes will announce a new C-class at a standalone event. Most disguise is turned off, which could mean that an official release will take place in the coming months.

Logic says he sees the sedan first, then the wagon arrives shortly thereafter, and then the two-door model.sporty AMGC53 And the C63 is probably assigned for the 2022 announcement, and it’s rumored that only the electric four-cylinder engine is in the despair of those who believe there’s no substitute for displacement.

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2022 Mercedes C-Class Spy preparing for world premiere 2022 Mercedes C-Class Spy preparing for world premiere

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