21 Motivation for Kid Ink Quotation on Forgetting the Past (2021)

With this amazing collection of Kid Ink quotes, we continue to roll our hip-hop quote collection.

Kid Ink is a successful rapper and hip-hop artist with some very exciting and motivational songs. What is your favorite Kid Ink song?

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21 Motivational Kid Ink Quote

1. “I swear to walk with God, but the devil continues.” –Children’s ink

2. “I don’t regret the past. I just regret wasting time on the wrong person.” –Children’s ink

3. “You must raise f *** before you can correct s ***.” –Children’s ink

Four.”Forget the risk And take autumn. If it’s what you want, it’s worth the fall. ” –Children’s ink

5. “You can tell them that I’m from hell.” –Children’s ink

6. “I don’t know you, but I’m alive at that moment. You can hate if you want, but I keep rolling it.” –Children’s ink

7th of 21 Kid Ink Quotes

Kid Ink Quote

7. “Being positive does not mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative.” –Children’s ink

8. “I’m loyal to myself, but at the same time I’m looking at the comments, seeing what the fans have to say, and trying to capture it from some perspective. I never give an opinion. Not an unacceptable person. I will always make it work and see how we can do things, but after all, always make sure it represents me I want to. It’s really humble and don’t sell yourself to being there already. ” –Children’s ink

9. “Don’t be distracted by suspicious people.” –Children’s ink

10. “What doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.” –Children’s ink

11. “I’m always thinking of ideas and sounds. I’m waiting for something new and dope to inspire me.” –Children’s ink

12. “I’m always judged by my appearance, so feeling comfortable on my skin was the biggest topic for me. You don’t have to hide or make yourself attractive, you’re just you. I wanted to convey a message. ” –Children’s ink

13. “People who don’t have the deals have seen labels get features from people who can’t even get them, because you show up and still think of it independently. Because you have to be in harmony with these guys who have. How do you hustle yourself? Because they really only care about the dollar at the end of the day. ” –Children’s ink

14th of 21 Kid Ink Quotes

14. “I don’t wear a tie, but they say I’m living the life of my boss.”-Children Ink

15. “The truth is, there’s no lie. I don’t know what it is, but you’re my type.” –Children’s ink

16. “It’s better to speak your heart and tell the truth than to lie to yourself silently.” –Children’s ink

17. I hate these dislikes very much, I just had to say thank you for your motives. “ –Children’s ink

18. “Treat me like a joke, and I leave you as it is funny.” –Children’s ink

19. “I was able to live every night like the end of my life.” –Children’s ink

20. “It’s so expensive that I don’t know where to land.” –Children’s ink

21. “Dream my life-changing moment, don’t want to wake up, turn off the lights.” –Children’s ink


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