23 Quote what the powerful Method Man actually said (2020)

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Method Man is an American hip-hop recording artist, music producer and actor.

He is best known as a member of the East Coast hip-hop group “Wu-Tang Clan”. In 1996, he won a Grammy Award in the category of “best lap performance by duo or group”.

Method Man has released six solo albums and has collaborated with other artists such as Teyana Taylor, Redman and The Notorious BIG.

In addition to his work in the music industry, he has appeared in films such as “Berry,” “How High,” and “Garden State,” in “The Wackness,” “Venom,” and “Red Tails.” It has played a minor role.

The collection of the most powerful Method Man citations is:

23 Powerful Method Man quotes what he actually said

1. “I don’t mind being a weed advocate. Moreover, it’s not as bad as cigarettes, alcohol and guns. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be legalized. You’re all from hemp You can make different kinds of things. I think the cure for cancer is probably in cannabis-who knows? “- Method man

2. “Like Martin Luther King, I’m taking one for my team and one for my dreams” – Method man

3. “Now, what clan do you know on this line of illness? Bust shot at Big Ben so you have time to kill.” – Method man

4. “My woman, few things last forever. We can go to war and have babies.” – Method man

5. “I started to bring hardcore pain from my brain” – Method man

6. “I’m a rapper trying to be an actor.” – Method man

7. “Ghetto is everywhere, no matter where you come from.” – Method man

8. “Cuties I want, I turn it off first and burn it like a human torch.” – Method man

9. “I call my brother the” sun. ” Because he is shining. – – Method man

23 10th Method Man quote

10. “I want to sit behind the scenes and see green, not green.”-Method Man

11. “Like a sweet morning dew, I glanced at you and found that you were my destiny.” – Method man

12. “Since I was eight years old. I didn’t have a TV, so the comics were definitely my TV, my soap opera, etc.” – Method man

13. “When the ball fell in 1999, I was holding the dough and champagne in my hands and holding the children.” – Method man

14. “There is a crime behind all property.” – Method man

15. “I still have to reunite with a hip-hop audience.” – Method man

16. “It’s been a long time since I had a real fight.” – Method man

17. “No matter how I, this guy, or anyone else in this business gets, when we walk a first class plane that looks like this, we’ll be searched. – – Method man

18. “Valentine Cards and Birthday Wishes? Please … Plan and Understand Another Level. The Bonds Between Men, Women and Children. The highest altitude makes us a mess of romance above all else. Just show your love. “– Method man

19. “After a while, you can’t get any higher. It’s like your head is in a wind tunnel-everything is vibrating.”- Method man

23 Method Man Quote 20

20. “There are 15,000 cartoons in the warehouse, all individually bagged.” –Method Man

21. “When I play music, I have more creative control.” – Method man

22. “Rap is a gimmick, but I’m hip-hop, for culture.” – Method man

23. “Currently, there are many Power Stripes in Def Jam’s office.” – Method man


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