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Wayne Taylor Racing led the # 48 Action Express Cadillac for three hours in the 24 Hours of Daytona, while Chip Ganassi Racing withstood a drive-through penalty.

The 19th hour began with a fascinating duel between Alexander Rossi of Wayne Taylor Racing Acura ARX-05 and Kevin Magnussen of Chip Ganassi Racing Cadillac.

Following the race’s 10th full-course warning, Magnussen took the lead alongside Rossi in a restart to retrieve the debris.

However, Magnussen was given a drive-through penalty for spinning the wheel while at the jackstand, losing his 50s in the process and losing more time to bite the GT participants.

Albuquerque took over the top WTR Acura from Alexander Rossi at the next pit stop, and Scott Dixon replaced Magnussen with the now fourth-placed # 01 car.

The six IndyCar Champions brought a deficit to leaders under the age of 40 as Albuquerque needed to defend against the extremely fierce Simon Pagenaud in the # 48 Action Express Cadillac-their pair at # 60 Meyer. Shank Racing Acura is 12 seconds ahead of Montoya.

Later, Mike Rockenfeller took over from Pagenaud and fell from leader Albuquerque to an 11-second song. Meanwhile, AJ Armendinger scored # 60 and finished within 10 seconds of # 48.

Ganassi’s pit work and Dixon’s relentless drive reduced Albuquerque’s leader deficit to 25 seconds, leaving 3 hours and 15 minutes remaining. At the end of the 21st hour, I finally passed Armendinger in 3rd place.

Second Action Express Racing Cadillac, # 31, Endured gearbox problems He then went off course and lost 24 laps before joining again-23 laps behind # 55 Mazda, 5th in class.

Jonathan Bomarito was able to maintain a pace similar to Albuquerque’s pace before handing it over to Oliver Jarvis-leaving # 55 behind # 60 for about 45 seconds.

The Three-Way LMP2 Battle ended successfully under the 10th warning. Era Motorsport’s Ryan Dalziel leads Starworks’ Tower Motorsport’s Timothé Buret and DragonSpeed’s Chris Mies.

With a subsequent restart, Mies passed Burette second, but these positions changed again when Gabriel Aubry boarded the Tower Worker and Eric Lux slipped into the DragonSpeed ​​machine.

The LMP3 order seemed to be settled, with Riley Motorsport’s Scott Andrews leading Yankley Ray three laps in Sean Creech Motorsport’s entry, and Kenton Koch lagging another six laps in the Müllner Motorsport car.

At GT Le Mans, Nick Tandy and Jordan Taylor’s Corvette Duo made their first and second to tenth restarts, while Jules Goonon’s Rishicom Pezione Ferrari 488 (split pair) came out of the pit box. After pinging for a dangerous release of.

BMW pair Jesse Krohn and Bruno Spengler lapped down but ran in 4th and 5th place, but on the 11th drop of the Green Flag, the clone pushed the M8 in front of Gunnon’s Ferrari. I did.

Taylor later took the lead from Tandy, quickly pulling out a seven-second lead, then Tandy stopped handing it over to Alexander Sims, and Taylor gave up his seat to Nicky Catsburg.

After taking over from the clone, Marco Wittmann was nine seconds behind The Sims’ Corvette, but more than 30 minutes ahead of James Calado of Richiferari.

GT Daytona was led by two Mercedes AMG GT3 runners, and Winward Racing supported a new challenge from the Sun Energy 1 racing team.

Winward car Philip Ellis was ahead under heavy pressure from Nicklas Nielsen’s AF Corse Ferrari 488, and Luca Storz was the third closest to the Sun Energy 1 car, fighting Nielsen.

The class lead battle between Winward and AF Corse ended in tears for the Ferrari team after the pit stop. The newly installed Matteo Cressoni pushed Ellis from the outside into Turn 1 and pushed the Mercedes driver against the grass inside. Punk back to the pit.

Ellis’s car bounced off the curb and punted the 488 against the tire wall. Later, when Cressoni stepped into the pits, the bent bodywork pierced the rear tires.

During the drama, Pfaff Porsche steamed out of the 911’s engine bay and got off the truck, eliminating another car on the lead lap.

Laurens Vanthoor reported to IMSA Radio that the car lost its drive, probably due to a drive shaft or clutch failure.

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24 Hours of Daytona: WTR Acura leads AXR Cadillac after 21 hours | IMSA SportsCar News 24 Hours of Daytona: WTR Acura leads AXR Cadillac after 21 hours | IMSA SportsCar News

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