25 inspirational Diane Guerrero quotes from the countries we love (2021)

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Diane Guerrero is an American actress and writer. She won the Screen Actors Guild Award for her outstanding performance with an ensemble of the “Orange Is the New Black” comedy series in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Guerrero published a book entitled “In the Country We Love,” a memoir that her parents were detained and deported when she was 14 years old.

We have put together this collection of the best Diane Guerrero quotes from her book:

25 Inspiring Diane Guerrero Quotes

1. “For thousands of unnamed children who feel as forgotten as I am, this memoir is my gift to you. As much as it is for myself. It ’s also for healing. ”– Diane Guerrero

2. “It is not true that people stop chasing dreams as they grow older. They grow older because they stop chasing dreams.” – Diane Guerrero

3. “Our passion does not only force us. They can also heal us.” – Diane Guerrero

4. “The day you finally start dealing with your past is the day you stop dragging it into the present.” – Diane Guerrero

5. “We don’t grow everything from birth to adolescence to twenties. If you’re lucky, you won’t stop.” – Diane Guerrero

6. “You need to be careful with whom you share your big dreams. People often get angry with them. Some even talk to you from your desires, mainly because they gave up on their own. . “- Diane Guerrero

7. “Even in the best of times, life is a mixed bag of disappointment and victory, heartache and overpriced. Life distributes all of the above, and we give each number we get, or the order in which they appear. You can’t choose. But we can choose how we walk our days. Every morning, do we hide and crouch, or stand up and challenge? “– Diane Guerrero

8. “In a sense, the pain we feel in our loved ones is deeper and more raw than we can feel ourselves.” – Diane Guerrero

9. “My work on oranges has taught me this: humans are not categorically bad because of their mistakes. They can learn from errors and get back on track. He or No one should be canceled forever because of part of her history. “- Diane Guerrero

25 Diane Guerrero’s 10th quote

10. “That was one of the things I could be sure my mother loved me. Have sex with someone who tried to come between us.” – Diane Guerrero

11. “The truth is that feelings are rarely discussed or acknowledged among low-wage earners who are crushing their tails to earn rent. Emotional health is the first world. It’s a luxury. “- Diane Guerrero

12. “Emotional health is a luxury of the First World.” – Diane Guerrero

13. “I had never been to Colombia. Still, in a way, I felt like I had been there a dozen times. It was my parents connecting Eric and me to their homeland. They played music, prepared food, and talked about it since childhood. “– Diane Guerrero

14. “My story represents everything to celebrate about America. Only here was the daughter of an immigrant growing up and succeeding in a highly competitive and exciting acting world. And only here I was able to invite a girl like me to a conversation with the President. I always cherish those opportunities. “– Diane Guerrero

15. “Some people hesitate to boldly claim what they want most. Maybe they are afraid to make them look forcible. Or greedy. Or they have But when you hide your dreams, when you hide them under the cushions of your sofa, they never get the light they need to grow. “– Diane Guerrero

16. “Just as a moment can bring despair, it can also lead to a new beginning. Another life. A dream of moving forward and upward rather than backward.” – Diane Guerrero

17. “Service to Others-I believe that is the purpose shared by all on earth.” – Diane Guerrero

18. “The worst thing I could do was to deny myself the opportunity because I felt afraid or not worth it.” – Diane Guerrero

19. “We don’t grow everything from birth to adolescence to twenties. If you’re lucky, you can’t stop.” – Diane Guerrero

25 Second Diane Guerrero quote

20. “I’m an intelligent woman. I’m a good person and a loving daughter. I’m important and what I have to offer is also important. Today is a new day, so what did you do yesterday? I can forgive you. “-Diane Guerrero

21. “It took me a lot of courage to be seen and heard as I am now … and I was never afraid. One wise man once had only two emotions: fear and love. He said it was impossible to feel them at the same time. That morning, in that room, I was surrounded by love alone. “– Diane Guerrero

22. “Run. You can take great risks and win big wins. You shit, you go out because you want to be chosen. You are for your own efforts I want to show you something. “– Diane Guerrero

23. “The worst thing I could do was to deny myself the opportunity because I felt afraid or unworthy of it. Whatever obstacles I had, I had the power to dream and realize it. That was when I realized. “– Diane Guerrero

24. “We do not grow everything from birth to adolescence to twenties. If you are lucky, you will never stop. *” – Diane Guerrero

25. “Your failure does not define you,” she continued. “Your value is not what you do or don’t do. You are worth it just because you are here.” – Diane Guerrero


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