2K Foundation Funds Issued to Birmingham Basketball Club

2K and Birmingham City Rocket Basketball Club 2K foundation In 2021, clubs will be funded to revitalize their current facilities and offer more community programs. The basketball club training space at the Neschels Wellbeing Center in Birmingham will be completely refurbished with two improved training courts and a show court with clubs. Host your home game with a full audience, improved lighting, new nets and scoreboards. The funding also provides support for extensive local schools and community programs, weekly games through the new 2K League, additional sessions, and transportation to facilities for those who need it throughout the city. To do.

2K, issuer NBA 2K – Highest rated annual sports title in the current console generation * – Launched 2K foundation In 2018, we will refurbish our basketball courts and provide enrichment programming in areas where basketball courts are most needed to support poorly serviced communities across the United States. The funding and support provided to the Birmingham Rocket Basketball Club is the first project of the program in Europe.

Details were announced as part of 2K Fest, a 24-hour live stream. NBA 2K21 This year it will be released on all gaming platforms.

“We are pleased to introduce the 2K Foundations program in the UK.” Simon Turner, Director of Marketing & Communications at 2KUK, said. “We have a passionate basketball army, NBA 2K British fans here. Through such initiatives, we can celebrate them and pay it to the basketball community. Being able to support the work of the Birmingham team is something we are very proud of. “

“The funding to refurbish our training center and increase the opportunities to play and enjoy basketball in our city is very exciting.” Rob Palmer, managing director of the Birmingham Rocket Basketball Club, said. “The 2KUK team acknowledges our work and wants to support us with this.”

“Over the years, we’ve seen this basketball club serve thousands of young people in the Birmingham community at the Netchels Wellbeing Center.” Kirk Doze, QPM and Chairman of the Birmingham Rocket Basketball Club, said. “Our gratitude 2K foundation Investing in clubs and our home facilities can only be described as “beyond measurement.” The capital gives us the opportunity to attract more young people when health, welfare, sports and education are the most important future challenges for society. Rockets are families, and every family needs a home. This makes Netchels the home we have always dreamed of. “

“We are pleased that Birmingham Rocket has secured this investment to develop the basketball sport in the city and expand the work of local youth and teams.” Birmingham City Council member Cllr Paulette Hamilton said. “City council colleagues are really looking forward to working with the team to secure a positive future for all groups using the Neschels Wellbeing Center and the wider local community.”

“This is very positive news and will help the city in a difficult time for everyone.” Paul Forkner, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Sports Birmingham, said. “The rocket will send a clear message that the city has a bold plan for the future to attract this kind of international support to Birmingham, which will attract interest and investment from all over the world.”

“It’s great to see the following corporate partners: 2K foundation We promise to support the Birmingham City Rocket Basketball Club and recognize them as an important asset to the community and a driving force for sports and youth development in downtown Birmingham. “ Mike Chamberlain, CEO of Sports Birmingham, said.

“It’s really exciting to see this amazing investment in clubs and facilities.” Stewart Kelett, CEO of England Basketball, said. “This is suitable not only for senior basketball England National League tournaments, but also for junior activities, etc. In addition, the Commonwealth Games will be held in 2022 to make this sport even more successful in the city. It’s one great component. I can’t wait to see the results. ”

Renovations will take place at the center later this year with a view to opening new facilities and community programs starting in early 2021.

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2K Foundations Funding Issued to Birmingham Basketball Club

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