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Toronto, Ontario-October 4: Toronto Raptors Darano Banton # 45 (Photo courtesy of Mark Blinch / Getty Images)

NS Toronto Raptors I returned to Scotiabank Arena for the first time in almost two years and spent an inspiring night with my rival Philadelphia 76ers. This would not have been possible without some outstanding performance from some of the future bench players.

in the meantime Scottie Barnes Steal the show, and OG Anunoby Helped lead the Raptors to attack with verifiable virtuoso performance. The second unit helped push the team up, as their hustle and bustle at the defensive end, if it helped turn Toronto into an unsolvable puzzle.

The pre-season is time for players who have something to prove they’re pretending to be theirs, and the Raptors are the first of 2021’s actions by some of the players at the back end of the roster. You have to be happy with what you’ve done in a few minutes. Will it continue in the process of their exhibition schedule?

There are four more pre-season games, two of which will play against division rivals, with these three Toronto Raptors winning the most on the court. Depending on your point of view, they may also have the most to lose if they start struggling.

Three Toronto Raptors who can win the most in the preseason.

3. Darano Banton

Rexdale’s masterpiece, Nebraska’s Alum, came to the NBA asking questions about his shooting ability and his true position in the NBA. Based on what I saw last night, Banton could be a solid point that, thanks to his speed, could cause defensive problems and turn into points of attack.

In this draft, Ujiri clearly emphasizes raw athletic performance, with Banton scoring 6 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and 2 shots blocked. So I immediately repaid the Raptors’ trust. His ability to slip into the rim and influence the game with transitions was fun to watch.

Can Darano Banton crack the Toronto Raptors rotation?

Banton will probably spend a significant portion of the first season on the Raptors 905 if he keeps all the checkboxes checked, but if things turn around and he begins to dominate the attack, he sneaks into rotation. It’s not crazy to see. Toronto is a play style you want to count on.

Banton needs to improve his jump shots, but if his first season at the NBA shows he’s a above average defender, that alone won’t leave the lineup. With some outstanding performances, it’s almost impossible for a nurse to keep him out of the regular lineup.

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3 bench players who can get the most in the preseason 3 bench players who can get the most in the preseason

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