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2021 will be a new start for Jacksonville Jaguar.

Happy New Year, Jaguars Nation! It’s been a long and tough year for Jacksonville fans, but thankfully the year is nearing its end and we can look forward to 2021. Fortunately, the New Year has a lot of cleanliness, fresh records, and fun in Jacksonville. To.

1. Jaguar must first draft Trevor Lawrence overall.

The most exciting thing about 2021 for Jacksonville is that he is expected to take first place overall in the draft and win quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Jaguar has a lot of work to do in the draft, but there really isn’t a smart option to get here other than Lawrence.

2. Jaguar hires a suitable head coach.

Whoever this is, it’s really hard to say for now. There are a number of strong candidates, from veteran veteran coaches to young offensive and defensively oriented individuals with no experience as head coaches.

Coordinators like Brian Dabol and Arthur Smith who helped Jaguar turn around each crime, or Robert SurreyPreviously, I worked for Jaguars as a linebacker coach.

The candidates for Jackson Building are:

  • Robert Surrey – San Francisco 49ers Defense Coordinator
  • Brian Dabol – Buffalo Bills Attack Coordinator
  • Eric Binnie Emmy-Kansas City Chiefs Offense Coordinator
  • Urban Meyer-Former Ohio State University Head Coach
  • Marvin Lewis – Former Cincinnati Bengals Head Coach
  • Jim Caldwell – Former Detroit Lions Head Coach
  • Joe Brady – Carolina Panthers Attack Coordinator
  • Arthur Smith-Tennessee Titans Attack Coordinator
  • Nathaniel Hackett-Green Bay Packers Attack Coordinator

3. Jaguar hires a suitable general manager.

Jaguar needs to hire the right general manager to turn this franchise around. They need someone who looks at talent and is not afraid to make bold moves. Currently, the top names associated with Jaguar’s general manager position are Jerry Reese, Trent Barke, Rick Smith and Luis Ridick. It is reportedly tied to that position..

  • Jerry Reese – Former New York Giants General Manager
  • Trent Barrke-Jacksonville Jaguars Interim General Manager
  • Louis Riddick – ESPN Analyst
  • John Dorsey-Former Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs General Manager
  • Rick Smith – Former Houston Texans General Manager
  • Ed Dodds – Indianapolis Assistant General Manager
  • Joe Schoen – Buffalo Bills Assistant General Manager

Final resolution

These top three solutions may be obvious, but important. As Jaguar establishes a new regime, it offers the opportunity to change the culture of Jacksonville for the better. When the new coaching staff take over, they will eventually be able to implement new plans for offense and defense, hoping that in 2021 this team will have an advantage over their division’s rivals.

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3 Jackson Bill Jaguar 2021 New Year’s Aspirations 3 Jackson Bill Jaguar 2021 New Year’s Aspirations

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