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Saturday night ended at Manchester City 2 Newcastle 0.

Before each match, we ask one of the writers to come up with three positives and three negatives after the game.

This time is Paul Patterson.

Well, I have to say a pleasant surprise.

Or, at least, it’s just as gratifying as someone is surprised to lose 2-0 to a soccer match that would always have been lost before the ball was kicked.

I often find it difficult to collect positives from any defeat, but are you far from Etihad? Go here:


Lowered the score

Okay, it’s a false positive, but it’s the situation we’re facing.

Simply put, you expect to be abused frequently here, but we didn’t. I’m not going to praise the head coach for avoiding the blow, but for everyone involved in the club, it’s best not to be ashamed to be accustomed to television.

Chasing the shadows against the city for 90 minutes isn’t new to the club, and it’s partly understandable because going from toe to toe can actually be very annoying.

Doing the same for Fulham and Brentford, the former is 10 people and the latter is the championship side, but with much less forgiveness, suffering from manager denial and lack of tactics.

A continuation of Karl Darlow

Simply put, without this young man, we would be in deep krats.

The fact that the bottom club isn’t on the rails behind us saves our skin, and it has to do with poorer clubs than we survive in the benefits.

Karl Darlow has a great goalkeeper, and Martin Dúbravka has a great player who can play immediately when needed. I wish they could get a little relief from the team. It’s up to the manager now.

We haven’t dropped many places. .. yet!

Leeds defeated Burnley on Sunday and made us leap depending on what Arsenal would do against Brighton on Tuesday, but there is still a cushion between us and the bottom team.

The problem is that we are debilitated and stagnant, and the buffers there evaporate over time. If you don’t earn points for a long time, you will be very worried.

I think we’ll still survive, but this slide could be wary if it doesn’t stop right away.


Treatment of Matty Longstaff and Isaac Hayden

Why did Matty start this game out of nowhere?

He hadn’t been seen on the pitch for nearly two months (away from Southampton), and now he’s expected to play away from home with teams like Manchester City, and exactly What are you doing?

The only thing I can think of is that he was played to play football for a few minutes, and his performance wasn’t important. For other reasons, don’t play young players who lack fitness (and experience) for teams like Citi.

It wouldn’t be a catastrophe if his successor had a good match in the next match. Champions Liverpool? So please do your best.

As for Hayden, he needed a rest and was then brought back for a more informative game. There is no answer as to who will play instead, but last night I used Sean Longstaff again and booked Hayden for Liverpool / Leicester, despite Sean Longstaff’s illness.

Our midfield is a big issue and Bruce doesn’t seem to understand it correctly.

Come next ..

There is no avoidance of the problem, defeat is defeat.

Liverpool and Leicester are here, and Arsenal looks like they’re flipping through new leaves, so they start dropping places. It’s never a good thing in the long run, it’s confident and it’s very difficult to stop the slide as soon as the club is in a rut.

There will be a match against Sheffield United on January 12th. If you don’t win, not only will the alarm bell ring, but the most stubborn blues apologist will also hear a sonic boom.

By the time the Sheffield match began, he had scored 9 to 1 points and 15 to 1 points in the last three PL games (and his defeat in the League Cup at Brentford). In January it will be a demoted form. I’m scared.

Blues excuse

From “That’s the Premier League” “I don’t want to make excuses …” They keep coming.

I also heard that “we handed it out too cheaply” to go with the two from last night. This was often a trotting line while Bruce was in the club.

During the 17 months he’s here, you’ll think there will be fewer “cheap” mistakes and “excuse” he doesn’t want, but that’s not the case.

The progress of “not happening overnight” and his constant “slow process” are certainly the most frustrating parts of all. There are no patterns in play and no recognizable changes in attitude or style when playing against either division.

When the head coach says, “My mission is to keep Newcastle in the Premier League,” you know that the ambitions and progress he keeps talking about are well and really off the menu. ..

In addition, he blew up the “hysteria” after losing to Brentford (and failing to beat Fulham) in a pre-match interview at BT Sport, but he doesn’t really understand it. Again, he is the standard manager of the championship and proves it every week.

Experts may ridicule, “What do Newcastle fans want?” The answer is emphasized-“Not this!”

We hope that everyone involved in the mug (friend or enemy) will take this opportunity to prosper more positively in 2021, no matter what happens in the coming weeks. The health of everyone is more important than the chances of millions failing.

We all want a better Newcastle United, which means a big change in the future. New manager? clearly. New ownership? definitely!

Happy new year to take care of yourself.

Statistics from BBC Sport:

Manchester City 2 Newcastle 0 – Saturday, December 26, 2020 8:00 pm


Manchester City:

Gundoan 14, Torres 55

Possession Manchester 76% Newcastle 24%

Total shot Manchester 11 Newcastle 7

Goal shot Manchester 6 Newcastle 2

corner Manchester 7 Newcastle 3

Referee: Andre Mariner

Newcastle United:

Darlow, Yedlin, Fernandez, Shah, Clark, Richie (Lewis 66), M Longstaff, Hayden, Murphy, Almiron (Gale 82), Joelinton (Carroll 71)

Unused submarine:

Gillespie, Wilson, Krafth, Manquillo, Elliot Anderson, Sean Longstaff

crowd: 00,000

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3 positives and 3 negatives from Manchester City 2 Newcastle 0 3 positives and 3 negatives from Manchester City 2 Newcastle 0

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