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The Toronto Maple Leafs lost to Pittsburgh Penguin 2-0 on Home Ice, finishing the sixth week and focusing on starting a streak at the new UBS Arena in the New York Islanders the next night. However, before losing to the Penguins, the Maple Leafs defeated the Predators and Rangers two times in the sixth week, extending their winning streak to five games.

Before entering California on Sunday night, they embarked on a four-game road trip with the islanders to become Kings, Shark, and soon a duck. Maple Leafs made another 60 minutes of great effort against New York. Another victory as they locked them out 3-0. Joseph Wall made a crease that night to win his second career, but even more impressive, he won his first career shutout in the game.

Maple Leafs was in Los Angeles to start a California road trip after bounced off from defeat to Penguins to victory over the islanders, and they disappointed fans who were up late watching the game. It was. The start time was 10 pm Eastern Standard Time and fans were clearly not excited about it, but Toronto did something it hadn’t done yet this season. It scored 6 goals in one game and won a great 6-2. Performance from a handful of players.

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It is clear that they started another streak and were trying to continue their momentum to San Jose to play sharks in the second and last hours of the season after losing at home ice earlier this season. Joseph Wall got off to a good start and, like the Islands match, he was so good that he led the team to another victory, finishing a road trip in Anaheim tonight and winning three games in a row. I stretched it out. duck.

7th week record: 3-0-0 | Season record: 15-6-1 (31 points)

After being demoted to line 4, Michael Banting returned to the top line alongside Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. It’s no exaggeration to say that he was pretty good as he returned to the first line. After starting the season with 6 points in the first 10 games, Banting was a little depressed as he only scored 2 points in the next 9 games. But in his last three games (against Islands, Kings and Sharks), Banting scored four points in these three contests and continues to do what he expected this season. It looked great overall.

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As we all know, he’s the type that goes into corners, goes into dirty areas, goes under the skin of other players, and generally becomes the man of that energy that every team needs. Is a player. In the seventh week, I saw him do it all, score a dirty goal before, and do a lot of things this season, so he’s penalizing even more. Bunting picked up an empty net goal assist for Manner’s Islanders, followed by an assist for the goal and the Kings, and another assist for the shark.

He scored 4 points in his last 3 games and 12 points in 22 games this season, and his recent bunting play and Toronto’s play during the last 15 stretches are especially watched by Nick Ritchie. , Is a strong basis for keeping him at the top line for now. David Kampuf, Ondley Kase and Pierre Enbal have been demoted to line 4 alongside Jason Spezza and Wayne Simmons, and line 3 is pretty good.

The Maple Leafs will face ducks tonight and this week against Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild, so they want to stay momentum and play at the same level as needed. To be successful in this week’s game.

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Johan Tabarés, who returned to Long Island to play against the former team, jumped on the ice and touched the puck every time Islander fans were clearly upset by his decision in the summer of 2018. Received even more boos. But that wasn’t the case. Stop Tavares having a good week as he scored 4 points (2 goals and 2 assists) in 3 games on his way to the Toronto Maple Leafs 3-0-0 week.

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Tavares is arguably the best Maple Leafs player alongside William Nylander this season, and he showed it last week as he led the team to the next perfect week and scored three wins. He became meaningless to the Islanders, but was crowded around the ice during the first two games in California, so he scored four points in the last two games with Kings and Sharks. ..

Johan Tabarés, who has now scored 20 points in 21 games this season, is showing a great comeback story after what happened to him in his first round of games against the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs. As I said, he was one of their best players throughout the season’s quartermarks, so to be honest, he didn’t seem to miss a step from Game 1 of the season.

During these three games, Tavares showed off a vintage Tavares in front of him. Tavares used his size to get out in front of the net and point the puck in front of the goalkeeper, use his body to beat the defenders and score goals with creases. To improve his total points this season as I said.

Rookie goalkeeper Joseph Woll set his record to three by playing in his second and third NHL career games, including his first NHL career shutout with Islanders last Sunday. -Start the 0-0 season and his career. After starting and winning his first NHL game, Wol had the opportunity to start in the second half of his back-to-back with the islanders and during the second game of this trip with California sharks.

At his first NHL start, it turned out that Wol was a little nervous. He allowed some goals that you could say you should have stopped, but as the game progressed, he made a huge stop. It followed the Islanders match, facing only 20 shots and not many of the dangerous shots, but he set them all aside, looked really calm and cool, and was collected over 60 minutes.

The Sharks game was probably somewhere between Woll’s Sabers and Islanders games. It wasn’t the night San Jose didn’t create a chance, but it wasn’t the night they peppered all of Woll’s games, or at least most of the games. Toronto played pretty well in the first period, allowing eight shots online and Wal letting go of one. After that, Wol literally became a brick wall and refused 27 shots until the final buzzer sounded at the end of the second to third periods.

Wol faced a ton of shots, many of which weren’t a high-risk opportunity throughout the game until he made at least six saves in the last five minutes of the 35 shots he faced. .. A minute or two, including this amazing savings on Logan Couture, which you can see on Twitter below. Overall, it’s been a great week for the rookie and it’s great to see him succeed early on.

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3 stars in the 7th week of the season (November 21-27) 3 stars in the 7th week of the season (November 21-27)

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