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How can I adjust the cover letter to suit my opportunity to apply? I recently held a session on cover letters (listen to any series on career preparation for international students). Here are some of the main action items to consider when writing an effective cover letter:

  1. Is important Personalize each cover letter. You can achieve this Check the job / internship description When Incorporate keywords When you have the skills and qualifications your employer requires.You can also Investigate positions and companies Before writing a cover letter, learn what you think is most important to your role and company.
  2. Avoid writing general statements Regarding your desire to work for the organization. Turn this idea over and explain what you can add to your company and position. However, let’s take a closer look at the resume example, but refrain from simply repeating your resume. Show how your experience is directly related to job listings.
  3. Pay attention to the format Of the cover letter. Here are some format tips.
  • Fit on one page
  • Include start paragraph and 1-2 intermediate paragraphs, end paragraph, and signature
  • Take the time to identify the name and title of the person you are writing. This strategy is more effective than writing “to the people involved.”
  • Avoid starting with “Hello, my name is …”. Or “I am applying for an X position”
  • Do not indent paragraphs

Finally, always proofread your cover letter.Students are advised to set Career coaching session Visit the Center for Career Development and visit the UConn Writing Center to review your cover letter.

We hope you will succeed when preparing materials for your job or internship search.

The Askme Anything series on career preparation for international students is held year-round. In addition to cover letter sessions, topics include resume bullet development, networking on LinkedIn, virtual interviews, and resume compatibility with applicant tracking systems.follow us International Student Affinity Page of Career Development Center Find out more about programming for the community.

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Desire Martino
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3 Tips for Great Cover Letters – UConn Center for Career Development 3 Tips for Great Cover Letters – UConn Center for Career Development

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