$ 300,000 worth of RTX 3090 stolen from a factory in China

Since the disastrous release of Nvidia’s RTX 30 series, many PC gamers have struggled to get the latest and greatest GPUs they want, especially the 3070, 3080, and 3090 (if you’re interested, the first two). However, some enterprising thieves in China have taken the shortage to the next level. According to MSI, a top-end GPU worth 40 cargo boxes was stolen from an MSI plant in China.

For those counting at home, it’s over 200 RTX 3090s and currently sells for around $ 1500. However, due to the ongoing GPU shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, sites like eBay often cost 3090 over $ 2000.

According to Tom’s hardware, MSI believes the insider stole the card because the factory shipping area was covered with a video camera. They also offer amnesty to those who participated in the robbery, as long as they helped get the card back. For those who have additional information on the card, there is a reward of 100,000 yuan ($ 15,314).

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