34 years later, Ys1 and II have acquired a PC floppy disk port

34 years later, an illustration of an article titled iYs 1 / i and iII / i are getting a PC floppy disk port

image: Nihon Falcom

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Japanese game developer Nihon Falcom Announced Both decades after the original release Ys1 And Ys II It has been ported to Sharp’s X68000, a Japanese-only PC that was first released in 1987.

1987, Ys I: The ancient Ys has disappeared First released on PC-8801, then several in the same year Japanese PC platform before the NES and Master System were ported the following is The X68000 enhanced its remake release in 1991. It features new 3D pre-rendered boss graphics, in stark contrast to the original 2D spite.

Ys II: Ancient Ys Disappeared – Final ChapterHowever, it was never released on X68000 and this port was the first.

The ports of both games are based on the original version, IT media As you point out, in-game scrolling is smoother and you don’t need a blank disk to store your game like you did in PC games at the time.

3.5 inches Floppy disks are also sold at the Akihabara retail store Beep. X68000 hardware.

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