343 explains if you can add four co-ops to Halo and Halo 2.

It’s possible, but it requires a great deal of work.

Halo developer 343 Industries says adding the cooperation of four players to the first two entries in the series can be a daunting task.

In the latest Halo Waypoint news, community support and engagement coordinator Tyler “Postums” Davis and senior software engineer Sean “Scoops” Cooper are community members on whether it is possible to involve four collaborators in the Halo campaign. I answered the question from. Master Chief Collection 1 and 2. A short answer? “Unfortunately not.” Long answer? “Yes, yeah, it’s done, but it’s going to be a * load * task,” he said.

“I love this idea, but for the epic range of work that needs to be done in the team’s backlog and wants to be done, it’s further down the list,” writes Davis.

“Cracking old games to make this an official feature is as big as 10 on a scale of complexity. Well, I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it affects the ratio. From the point of view of giving effort, I don’t think it’s enough to update old cooperating netcodes or bring long lost content to the game. Use updates for the entire collection to do other global upgrades. However, in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if players could modify the game content and do this on their PCs. In the future, if MCC’s main development support ends, the mods community will be on the MCC. This is where it exists. I know this is true. Many games on PC take new forms and extend their lifespan for decades through the community that uses the mod. I’ve seen you there. “

Cooper added: “The Halo1 Remastered co-code is very hard-coded where there are only up to 2 players (or at least its network part), so to allow 3 or 4 co-op players first It needs to be resolved and debugged.

“Then we need to resolve the content changes. Recall that the second player spawns into the cryotube to the right of the first player. But where are the others? These two Who are the two new mysterious Spartans? A flash clone of John 117? Therefore, more player spawn points need to be added and validated. In addition, other script-related updates. This is an existing script-related update. There is a risk of inadvertently affecting behavior. When it comes to existing behavior, there is also a design question of what that means for difficulties. Halo 1 was built with two players in mind. But what about more players? Is the game easier than it is now? Do all players have enough resources?

“The existing code in Halo 2 is probably ready to go to four cooperating players, but with the same content changes / issues as H1.

“Both Halo 1 and Halo 2 may also have load time issues to resolve if two players (and machines) are added to the mix.”

Last month, Halo 4 made its debut on the platform in the PC version of the Master Chief Collection.

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343 discusses if it’s possible to add 4-player co-op to Halo and Halo 2

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