35 Kylie Jenner Quotes You Must Read Now (2021)

Kylie Jenner is an American reality television personality, model, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality. After the explosive value of her makeup brand, she is now the wealthiest of the Kardashian / Jenner family.

We’ve put together this collection of Kylie Jenner’s best quotes.

35 Kylie Jenner quote

1. “Love is when the happiness of the other person is more important than you.” – Kylie Jenner

2. “I don’t follow trends very much. I don’t like to wear what others are wearing. I like originality.” – Kylie Jenner

3. “I never make many friends. That is my choice.” – Kylie Jenner

4. “I’m not materialistic.” – Kylie Jenner

5. “I am always doing my best to encourage people to do good and right things.” – Kylie Jenner

6. “I want to explore a lot.” – Kylie Jenner

7. “I probably change my style every month.” – Kylie Jenner

8. “I really don’t regret anything.” – Kylie Jenner

9. “I don’t think I need a loved one to be happy because I always like to find it myself, but when I’m sharing my life with someone I think it makes me very happy I will. ” – Kylie Jenner

35 Kylie Jenner’s 10th quote

10. “I know how influential I am on my fans and followers. I feel like everything I do, hair color, makeup, etc. I’m always these giants I don’t even know what I can do, starting a trend. ”– Kylie Jenner

11. “There is absolutely my side that people don’t know about.” – Kylie Jenner

12. “I have a close relationship.” – Kylie Jenner

13. “I just learned that ordinary is very boring.” – Kylie Jenner

14. “I wonder if I didn’t have to be famous. And it’s sometimes fantasy, but the problem I’m having isn’t really one. You understand how to deal with it. To do.” – Kylie Jenner

15. “I like to have fun, I’m ridiculous, and I keep my mood bright.” – Kylie Jenner

16. “I’ve been in the entertainment industry since I was old. Everyone always tells me what to do and what not to do. My skin gets stiff and I care about people’s thoughts. You don’t have to. You can’t get to a good place. ” – Kylie Jenner

17. “I think other girls and boys of my age may understand that I accept and accept others very much.” – Kylie Jenner

18. “I’m still always anxious. It feels like just part of being human.” – Kylie Jenner

19. “I feel like I have little room to grow and make mistakes. I have no room to make mistakes. I have to make mistakes to grow and learn, but the world is watching me. So I’m a little different. Everything I do. ” – Kylie Jenner

35 Kylie Jenner Quotes 20

20. “I want to be away from the map, have a family, live in Malibu, where the farm is, and raise my own chickens, like.” – Kylie Jenner

21. “It’s hard to make new friends and see if people have real intentions or anything like that.” – Kylie Jenner

22. “No one knows who I am, except for my family and close friends.” – Kylie Jenner

23. “Take a selfie and get what you like.” – Kylie Jenner

24. “I don’t want to be a bad example.” – Kylie Jenner

25. “I’ve been bullied for the rest of my life, whether from my peers or on Instagram and Twitter. And I never really talked about my story. I noticed that it came with my territory. So I feel like I accepted it. ” – Kylie Jenner

26. “I will do everything I want to do.” – Kylie Jenner

27. “I love clothes and everything else, but I don’t need it to live.” – Kylie Jenner

28. “I want to start more business and be like a businessman.” – Kylie Jenner

29. “It’s about who you are. It’s a shame if people can’t accept it.” – Kylie Jenner

35 Kylie Jenner Quote 30

30. “The people who want to judge you the most are always the people who know the least about you.” – Kylie Jenner

31. “If you are different, or if you think something strange and unusual about you, I think it’s very dope.” – Kylie Jenner

32. “The more people you love, the more meaningful you are told about you.” – Kylie Jenner

33. “I just want to be a fan, because that’s what I’ve always done.” – Kylie Jenner

34. “What I find so great about having everything, and what I feel like having everything, is that I can’t really find happiness in the material. It would be cool to buy a new car myself and I think it would be great for a week, but the thrill is over and I don’t think I was so happy. ” – Kylie Jenner

35. “I have noticed over the years that I have found happiness in other things, be it dogs, friends, or just watching the sunset, so what if I am? If you want something else, it’s always happy, has the psychic power to keep things from affecting me, and always be loyal to who I am. ” – Kylie Jenner


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