3D platformer is Nico! Announced for Switch

Frog Vibes is the next 3D platformer, Here Comes Niko! Announced that it will appear in Switch. Gears from Breakfast, the developer of Hat in Time, is out.

Tadpole Inc. Is looking for employees. Are you ready to be their next professional friend?

Here Comes Niko, a cozy 3D platformer for the tired! Now, Nico will play while traveling through the scenic islands. Make new friends, catch fish, solve puzzles and find bugs! Nico is coming! You are on the most laid-back adventure of your life!

Is your boss a frog? !!
I applied for a job at Tadpole Incorporated as a “professional friend”. Now they want me to go to many islands to help everyone I meet. If I don’t prove myself, I’ll lose my job! Fortunately, the people around here are kind. Kind and a little strange. Should I just enjoy the island life while I’m here?

To clarify:
Yes, my boss eats insects.
Yes, he wears a tie.
What kind of frog is it? Green one?
Everyone I meet is like some kind of animal. How did you get here?

Thank you.

How to be a professional friend
Hello, this is Pepper. I am the Executive Manager of Tadpole Inc.
Professional friends are everyone’s friends! And those who get paid once in a while. On your journey, you will encounter many creatures in need of help. Help them by catching fish, making art, and listening to their concerns. If you are lucky, you will get coins. Invest your coins in the railroad so you can travel to the new island. You will be in a big business before you know it!

Travel tips
Here Comes Niko allows you to explore 6 different islands! Play on the beautiful beaches of Hairball City, stroll along the charming mountain trails of Salmon Creek Forest, or swim in the public pool. Don’t you think it’s time to relax?

Here Comes Niko release window! Not announced yet – Please wait for more details.

3D platformer Here Comes Niko! announced for Switch

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