3D Roguelike Guitar Shooter Metal Tales: Overkill Now on Switch

Zerouno Games opened the Metal Tales: Overkill kickstarter yesterday. This is the upcoming 3D roguelike guitar shooter. In just eight hours, the goal of 5,000 euros was achieved. That is, it is displayed on Switch.

Metal Tales: Here’s information about Overkill and trailers:

Metal Tales: Overkill is an action-adventure game where metal and adrenaline collide to provide the ultimate 3D roguelike guitar shooter. Can you manage to defeat all the metal gods, save the world and become a metal god?

Metal Tales: At Overkill, God Kuk owns all the guitar gods, through which he owns the metal head. Through endless concerts, his army of metal head zombies has wiped out all the original works of the band and its fans. Fight the looming curses that affect your metal brothers and free them from ancient evil. Play as needed, using procedural generation levels that plan paths and change the game for each playthrough.

The features are:
– Over 50 items: guitars, strings, pedals, amps, books, summons
– 15 different enemies
–8 Guitar Boss
– 4 playable characters: Are you Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Black Sabbath? Choose your brother!
– 3 environments: Enjoy exploring different environments such as Metal Den, Metal Festival, Hell and more
– 6 procedurally generated levels: Randomly generated levels will not make the two games the same
– Local CO-OP
– A mission system that unlocks abilities and upgrades stats between runs
– Eclipse Records original soundtrack and international metal band songs

The music that appears in the game includes the following songs:
Genus Ordinisday
Blacklist 9
Through noise
Violation of silence
Hyde Monastery
Legacy of atrocities
Nameless day ritual
in spite of

Metal Tales: Switch Overkill was released in early 2021. You can contribute to the game with Kickstarter here..

3D roguelike guitar-shooter Metal Tales: Overkill coming to Switch

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