4 learning experiences that can redefine how your child evolves

Parenting is not an easy game. Many struggling parents tend to look for parenting tips from external sources: parenting books, family and friends, psychologists, and often useless. Perhaps we should start looking inward: the answer may already be in ourselves and in our journey to adulthood.

Your child will have many experiences of growing up, and these can shape their future.

And as I write this, I would like to tell my story about how it evolved through a lot of learning, based on the story I lived in and the experience I experienced. The top four are:

1Responsible for your mistakes

It was winter when I turned 10 years old. My mother and I were shopping at a local supermarket when we saw the shiny ceramic wall hooks. If mom agreed to include them in the bill, I put them in my jacket pocket and believed it was a much safer place than the bottom of the shopping cart under the pile of vegetables.

After a while, as I walked towards the parking lot, I found that I somehow forgot to give the cashier the money at the cashier. For a moment, the idea of ​​continuing on my way home as if nothing had happened came to my mind. As if she could read my thoughts, Mom asked me firmly: “Why don’t you go back and pay for them?”

I still remember my mom forgetting and apologizing to the cashier for apologizing. In retrospect, it’s really commendable how my mother treated everything reasonably in a situation where many parents might be embarrassed by their children.

The case may have shaped my overall outlook of being responsible for your mistakes. It’s not shameful to make a mistake. It is part of the essence of human beings, and when you do so, you fix it and move on.

2Good habits are very helpful

My friend Anna, who became my client, shared some useful parenting tips.Like other children of his age, his son, who was seven at the time, was notoriously less alert.

Once upon a time, he decided to become an engineer when he grew up and tried to disassemble the electrical equipment he found around his house. It ended three days later when he jumped on his next aspiration, the astronaut. Then a wizard, and an alchemist. The list continues.

One weekend while he was writing, I gave him a challenge. By the end of next week, we were able to record more journaling pages among us, win daily and receive selected rewards.

Needless to say, he got a dragon ball sticker after hitting me with a landslide. More than 10 pages vs. my 5 things (I swear I did my best!). I took the same approach and worked on other tasks such as housework and guitar lessons.

Gradually, I noticed a change in his attitude. He finished what he started and became more motivated to better manage the time between school and play.

Keeping a diary is still a tradition in our family. We’ve moved from a notebook and pen journaling store-based approach to a smartphone app like Lugelo.

A few months ago, I accidentally shared a photo of his son drooling while sleeping in class to the whole family via the app. It’s still a hot topic in all the families we meet to this day. “

3Cherish important relationships

Are there any lessons learned by my high school friend Grace?

“She was my best friend when we were in the second grade. We lived in the same apartment and the family knew each other. They stuck together like glue. She was smart and He always helped me with my homework. I was her silent bodyguard and was always ready to beat the boy who was choosing her.

One summer, when we caused a large fallout, it all stopped suddenly. I can’t remember the reason anymore. Six months after the Cold War, she finally offered me a ceasefire token in the form of an apology letter. I was an ego-centric idiot, so I completely ignored her and her attempts.

For the next few years, I was occasionally wondering what we could do if we weren’t that stubborn that day. I have never got an answer. But since then, I’ve always been doing my best to maintain healthy relationships with people who are really important to me. From checking frequently to “bribery” them with a Bobati Cup after fallout as an apology. “

FourTake shit

“It happened during our play in kindergarten. It was my turn to climb the slide when another boy lined up and stabbed me into the ground. Bleeding wounds on both knees that day. I went home with a bleeding.

When my dad looked at me that way, he just quietly told me: “The next time he repeats, you push him back.”-When we were kids with a zoom call during the blockade. When I came across the topic, my colleague Min said.

“Your eyes are rolling violently” – he grinned – “Be careful, adult diplomacy doesn’t exist in the world of children. Despite how annoying it sounds, here He points out that violence in Japan is merely a means to an end and no one can ruin me.

And it worked. Only a few days after the incident, I met the child again, and he did the same to me. But this time, I got up from the ground and pushed it back as I was told. This was the last time he touched me.


In the end, that idea taught me how important it is to set the standard for how others should treat me. Through high school bullying and many corporate conflicts, I have kept me literally and figuratively intact and have earned the respect of my friends, colleagues and, most importantly, myself. “

I’m still learning. And I’m sure your child too! Your actions determine how your child learns. Pay attention to your words and your reaction to what happened. Remember, there are always people who are learning from you.

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Author: Musama Wanda

Musa Mawanda, Ph. D is Lugero, Inc., a mobile and web app for private journals, scrapbooks, biographies and storybooks. Founder and CEO of.

4 Learning Experiences That Can Redefine The Way Your Child Evolves

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