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September 20, 2020; Pittsburgh, PA; Denver Broncos defensive end Shelby Harris (96) passes Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) in the third quarter at Heinzfield. will protect. The Steelers won 26-21. Required Credits: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos needs to make some decisions regarding this off-season free agent, including defensive lineman Shelby Harris.

Harris was a very solid lineman in Broncos after several years in and out of the Raiders roster. He found his house.

However, his time with Broncos could end soon as he plans to hit a free agent.

Harris was able to fit in well with several teams. He is a good pass rusher and runs a stuffer (when he is not in a double team).

He said he wanted to go back to Broncos, and it’s still depends What is his market, But other things are considered.

Let’s start with Harris’ most obvious fit:

Denver Broncos

In an ideal situation, Broncos could enter into a long-term contract with Harris.

That wasn’t the case in this past offseason when they signed him a one-year contract.

Harris was a solid pass-rush interior lineman in Broncos defense after struggling to stop when he first joined the league at the Oakland Raiders.

Broncos cannot afford to lose Harris as several other defensive linemen, including DeMarcus Walker and Sylvester Williams, will attack the free agent.

Harris enhanced his game with Big Fangio’s defenses with his hand usage and high motors.

As for Broncos free agents, Tier 1 has Justin Simmons and Tier 2 has Shelby Harris. You can argue that Harris will be in Tier 1.

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4 teams that can chase Shelby Harris 4 teams that can chase Shelby Harris

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