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AAs a result, the Washington Football Team, with a 7-9 record, is participating in the NFL Playoffs as the winner of the NFC East. It would be unreasonable to resent their position in Washington in the postseason: head coach Ron Rivera had to deal with a cancer diagnosis, quarterback Alex Smith almost sacrificed his foot They have returned from the horrific injuries they have made, and they have the following defenses and could dominate the sector for years to come.Still … they are 7-9 years old and benefit from the Philadelphia Eagles Pulling starter Jalen Hurts In the middle of Sunday’s match when Washington won 20-14. Some teams feel they deserve a shot at this year’s Super Bowl at the expense of Washington. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1) Miami Dolphins (10-6, 2nd in AFC East)

What a brutal and brutal ending Miami Dolphins.. All Miami had to do was defeat the Buffalo Bills, who had already clinched the playoff spots, to make the playoffs. Instead, Bills demolished them 56-26. Still, the dolphins could have made the postseason with the defeat of Indianapolis Colts.

Unfortunately, Colts defeated the miserable 1-15 Jacksonville Jaguar. Jacksonville Jaguar will be a little less miserable when he chooses Trevor Lawrence in the draft later this year. For Miami, which seemed to take advantage of the long-awaited fall of the New England Patriots, it must be a deflationary season. They looked like a better team when they put Ryan Fitzpatrick on the bench for the rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, but then Tagovailoa started playing like a rookie. His three interceptions to Buffalo provide enough fuel for those who believe that dolphins shouldn’t trust him as his second season starter.

It feels Unfair.. It makes sense to list Fitzpatrick or a similar veteran quarterback as insurance, but they need to welcome Tagovailoa as Plan A this summer. It feels disappointing now, but the 10-6 record is well above the 5-11 record last season. And in the future, they have great coaches and solid defenses for Brian Flores.

2) Arizona Cardinals (8-8, 3)rd NFC West)

The loss of Arizona Cardinals to the Los Angeles Rams was a double pain. Not only did it bring their own exclusion, but it also meant that the Chicago Bears, who had the same 8-8 record, won one of the wildcard slots.

The result is even more difficult for Cardinals fans as the Bears lost the last match of the season. So Chicago won despite losing. Perhaps you lose the game, but winning a spot after the season is the best scenario, as there were rumors that the Bears would beat the Packers and keep Mitch Trubisky as a quarterback.They may just have Avoided that scenario..

3) Las Vegas Raiders (8-8, 2)nd AFC West)

The Raiders have the best record of any team in the NFC East, and it’s worth noting that they were playing in a clearly tough division. After all, the Raiders had to face the NFL’s leading Kansas City Chiefs, who played 14-2 this season. One of the losses of these two chiefs was on October 11th against these exact same Raiders. You can argue that it’s worth a shot in the postseason, They were victims of their own mistakes..

4) Minnesota Viking (7-9, 3)rd NFC North)

With three teams outside the NFC East, the season ended with a record of 7-9. Minnesota Viking, Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots. All three teams came in third in their respective divisions, a record that would have been good for the number one share in the NFC East. Although still losing records, the 2010-11 Seattle Seahawks won the playoff game with a 7-9 in the NFC West.

Which of these teams had a better shot to follow in the footsteps of those Seahawks?Well, we’re looking for a team that needs a little luck, and it’s absolutely Count the charger.. Patriot? It’s really hard to claim that New England deserves more playoffs than ever before. Let’s give this last spot to the Viking team here. The viking team may have poor performance, but it still seemed to be a threat after the season. Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​can play huge games at random, but wide receiver Justin Jefferson ended the season by breaking the Super Bowl era record when the rookie received the yard.

“This year we wouldn’t have had enough football teams to play in the playoffs,” said head coach. Mike Zimmer said After the Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions 37-35 on Sunday. He may have been right, but they may not have happened to be in the right department this season.

NFL Wild Card Round Match

goodbye: Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs

AFC: Baltimore Ravens from Tennessee Titans (4) (without 5 seeds). Cleveland Browns (6), Pittsburgh Steelers (3); Buffalo Bills (2) Indianapolis Colts (7).

NFC: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5) Washington (4); Los Angeles Rams (6) at Seattle Seahawks (3). Chicago Bears (7) in New Orleans Saints (2).

This Week’s MVP

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens.. Jackson seems ready for the playoffs. He threw three touchdowns when he defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 38-3. Beyond the 113-yard pass he had accumulated, he ran another 97 yards. This helped ensure that he was the first quarterback in a consecutive 1,000-yard rush season.

This week’s video

John Bleach

Stephen Digs shooting a free commercial for the American Dental Association #Bills #Dolphin

January 3, 2021

Week 17 is a time when things get a little looser. NFL, Especially if your team has already clinched the post-season berth. Nothing is better than this clip, where Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stephen Diggs is doing dental floss as a bystander during a match against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

This week’s stats

Tampa Bay began to regret their decision to play Mike Evans after already deciding on a playoff spot.

Tampa Bay began to regret their decision to play Mike Evans after already deciding on a playoff spot. Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Mike Evans finished the season at over 1,000 yards.So the wide receiver became the first player to pass that milestone. Each of the first 7 seasons.. However, breaking records can be costly. In the next play, Evans was taken off the field with a knee injury.

The Buccaneers had already won the playoff spots and were just seeding into the game.Bruce Alliance Head Coach Already He would have rested Evans So if he clinched this record before Game 17, many secondary speculations are now taking place in Tampa Bay, despite their 44-27 victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

This week’s quote

“I’m honored to break Randy Moss’ record. He’s inducted into the Hall of Fame and is very dominant in the league, and it’s a real blessing to break his record. It’s really a blessing to be in this position. It’s crazy. “ – Minnesota Viking Wide Receiver Justin Jefferson After setting a rookie record to receive the yard..

Jefferson grew significantly, with the Vikings defeating the Detroit Lions 37-35, adding 133 yards to the total receive yards. He surpassed both Randy Moss’ franchise record of 1,313 and Anquan Boldin’s overall record of 1,377 at 1,379 this season. He did it while wearing a cleat in honor of Moss, which the legendary recipient admitted on Twitter.

Randy Moss

January 3, 2021

Elsewhere in the league

-The moment when quarterback Kyler Murray left the field due to an ankle injury and had to be replaced by backup Chris Strevler during the Arizona Cardinals match against the Los Angeles Rams. Meanwhile, the Rams made their professional debut with John Wolford to make up for the injured Jared Goff. Murray eventually rejoined the game, but not enough as Rams defeated the Cardinals 18-7 and eliminated Arizona from the playoffs. Rams will face the Seattle Seahawks in the playoffs. It’s a shame that things went wrong for Strevler, who threw both touchdowns and intercepts in the game, but the former CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback still has a biophoto of the NFL’s largest Wikipedia page. ..

Hunter felt

Well, I saw a picture of Cardinals’ backup QB Chris Strevler, who is currently in the Kyler Murray game, but I didn’t see it on his Wikipedia page.

January 3, 2021

-Cleveland Browns barely confronted the Pittsburgh Steelers team, which had been resting many of its regulars. They withdrew with a 24-22 victory to ensure their journey to the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. This is worthy of celebration. Given that the opponents in the wild card game would be these exact same Steelers, it wasn’t like a decisive victory that wasn’t a good precursor to the Browns. Next time, don’t expect Pittsburgh to rest the starter.

-One of the record books: Derrick Henry has become the eighth player in NFL history Over 2,000 yards in season.. Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes will probably be named MVPs this season, but there is a very good argument that Henry is a good candidate.

-Before the match on Sunday, there was a surprising report that the New England Patriots were planning. Go ahead from the quarterback Cam NewtonCouldn’t impress during his first season in New England. For Newton, who was once the most exciting player in the NFL, this is very likely to end. Whatever his future, he was excellent against the New York Jets on Sunday and threw three touchdowns.

-Speaking of Jets, Sam Darnold threw two intercepts against the Patriots, making it more likely that New York would go to Justin Fields, who was second overall in the draft. Anyone starting as a Jets quarterback next season will not be coached by Adam Gace. Gase was fired by the team on Sunday night. It was a predictable end for coaches who thought that Jets ownership was the only good job. At the beginning of the season, Jets CEO called Gase a “great offensive spirit.” They finished 2-14 with the worst attack in the league.

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4 teams worthy of playoffs above Washington | Sports 4 teams worthy of playoffs above Washington | Sports

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