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4 things you want your iPhone 14 to have

With the launch of the iPhone 13 family of mobile phones, Apple opened the flagship line at the September 2021 Digital Live Stream event.

There are a lot of excitement, but iPhone 13 I’m still missing some features I’d like to see in future versions.

Here are four biggest features Apple wants to add to its flagship phone lineup in 2014.

Variable refresh rate screen for all models

Variable refresh rate Screens are becoming more and more common in the spec sheets of most flagship mobile phones.

Based on experience with top-end phones such as: Galaxy S21 Ultra, OnePlus 9 Pro When Oppo Find X3 Pro Technology offers many great benefits. The main ones are improved general scrolling, smoother games, and improved battery life.

That’s why I was happy to see Apple finally adopt it. What are the drawbacks?It is only available in iPhone 13 Pro And iPhone 13 Pro Max. Given the fact that the technology is already beginning to penetrate the mid-range Android market, this makes it feel like an important omission of Apple’s cheaper iPhone 13s.

Hopefully the company will handle this on the iPhone 14 and load all versions, including non-Pro models with VRR screens.

iPhone 13 and 13 mini camera

Discard the notch

Another big disappointment? Despite Android phone makers experimenting with many ingenious designs to remove the notch camera housing, Apple chose to keep the design.

Instead of trying out hole punch, underscreen, or Asus-style flip-up front camera designs, Apple maintains a large, chunky notch on the top of every iPhone, occupying valuable screen space that isn’t really needed today. increase. And age. It may be about 20% smaller than the previous notch, but it’s still there.

iMac 24-inch braided USB-C-Lightning cable


This may not be the most obvious development, but the widespread adoption of USB C as a common standard for everything from phones to tablets and laptops has long happened in consumer technology. It’s one of the best. It just keeps things simple and eliminates the need to store large numbers of your own cables and chargers.

That’s why Apple refused to adopt the phone standard, except for the MacBook and premium iPad. Despite the obvious benefits to customers, phones, including the iPhone 13 line, have their own lighting port.

Hopefully Apple will be changed to the iPhone 14 and finally move to the infinitely convenient USB standard.But this feels unlikely, especially if it’s completely rumored Portless iPhone..

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Better zoom function

Camera phones are the current battlefield in the smartphone world, with every company trying to become the best camera phone every year.

This year, Apple chose to focus on improving the video capture capabilities of the iPhone 13 with this effort using a new one. Cinematic video mode.. That’s great for young TikToker and vlogger, but for us Apple would have been better off going in a different direction, especially improving the phone’s zoom capabilities.

The iPhone 13 Pro currently offers a 3x optical zoom. This is a slight improvement over the iPhone 12 Pro. It lags far behind major rivals such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which uses a periscope lens to significantly improve zoom shots.

4 things you want your iPhone 14 to have 4 things you want your iPhone 14 to have

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