4 Tips for Redefining Timesheet Management Issues

Timesheets can be an annoying machine for most employees. Does anyone want to sign two sheets every day to prove that they have used their time correctly?

Conversely, choosing the right timesheet management software can change the perspective between team members and bring even greater benefits to team members and managers.

An automated system overcomes punching-like loopholes and increases employee productivity.

This article redefines all timesheet management issues through a working solution.

Choose a customizable interface

Professionals who use timesheet management software are not inherently technically savvy, so they can choose an easy-to-use interface with comprehensive features with few or no coding options.

In fact, IT professionals don’t have to do it or fix it continuously. When purchasing timesheet management software, be sure to try the free trial version.

Also, make sure it’s convenient for all teams to use it, as it consumes less technology and you need to avoid swallowing half of your work time.

Estimate the cost of each project

While working for a client, it’s important to charge for the work your team spends.

In some cases, there may be discussion about the time spent on each project during the billing process.

To avoid these adversities, you can use the export system available in timesheet management software such as Elorus.

Perform statistical analysis of individual projects using an automated time tracking system. You can also export these data to the client along with your invoice to avoid future confusion.

You can define your company’s recruitment needs based on the reports generated by the timesheet management software.

For example, you may have been outsourcing UX design continuously for the past three months, which impacts your project budget.

With this insight in mind, you can hire a UX designer for a full-time position. This minimizes hourly wage calculations and reduces the burden of constant monitoring by designers.

Indulge in integration

Instead of choosing separate software for timesheet management and billing, you can adopt a broader aspect of the software.

Elorus manages both billing and timesheets in the same place. This way, employees will not be confused about logging in to multiple software. Also, using a large number of software at the same time can reduce productivity.

Another important criterion is to provide tags for defining recorded time entries with predefined categories such as comments.

It clearly shows the time spent on non-billing activities and can be analyzed and asked to team members. Maybe they needed some dependence or their time was spent on administrative tasks.

In addition, you can invest in timesheet management software built into collaboration tools that can automatically send weekly and monthly reports to managers.

Troubleshoot before problems occur

Some of the main problems can be solved by examining the recorded timesheets. It will be a great help for employees who work overtime.

In addition, timesheet management software helps analyze time entries recorded on a designed schedule. Prevents the contradiction of not meeting the deadline.
On the downside, timesheet management software doesn’t tell you why, it just tells you the numbers.

For example, you need to improve communication with team members to find out the “reasons” behind the discrepancies in achieving your goals. These discussions list the key issues facing employees and help eradicate them in the first place.

Ultimately, it builds strong interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Therefore, back up your timesheet data with effective communication.


Using timesheet management software should benefit all employees. Rather than managing every minute, you can handle this tool wisely to reduce time-related difficulties.

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