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4 Top TSX Stocks to Buy on the Silver Bull Market

The outlook for silver is getting brighter and brighter. This should be encouraging for precious metal investors looking to retreat gold. The bull market isn’t too raging, but it’s still in the preparatory stage. High-grade resources remain a limiting factor as demand grows, potentially increasing prices. All of this provided a good opportunity to start looking for stocks of miners in the best positions of White Metal.

A brilliant track record creates a solid stock

Start the list and Fortuna Silver Mine Last year’s revenue increased 200%. Shareholders of Fortuna, a healthy stock that sells at a fairly decent sectoral value, can look to a strong track record for peace of mind. The price-to-book value ratio, which is less than twice that of books, is less than three times the sector average. A conservative estimate is for total revenue of up to about 180% over the next five years.

Certain streaming options, Wheaton Precious Metals Stable with a variety of low cost contracts focused on longevity. Of particular interest to silver investors is the Wheaton stream. Newmont Penhasquito mine. Future-proof missions include purchasing value, potential growth, and paying dividends. This latter aspect is characterized by a yield of 1% to 1.2% and a definitely low payout ratio of 41%.

Actively moving Endeavor Silver We’ve seen 100% revenue growth in the last 12 months and we have the potential to go even further. Five-year revenue is expected to reach 200%. In the short term, a 100% total shareholder return could be achieved within 12 months. Cost performance may not be the main attraction here. The P / E, PEG, and P / B ratios all exceed the standards of peers. That said, Endeavor’s outlook is impressive, with 100% revenue growth expected each year.

Mining of high quality stocks upwards

Investors who are on the lookout for rising stock prices Silvercorp Metals (TSX: SVM)(NYSE: SVM).. A fairly good value per peer is shown by 2.5 times the P / B of the book, which is below the sector average of 2.9. A debt-free balance sheet improves the somewhat dull outlook somewhat. However, the stock is rocking as a medium buy for the average capital gains investor, suggesting a price target of up to 65%.

on the other hand Passive income It is not always the deciding factor in commodity investment. It is also worth noting that Silvercorp pays a small dividend yield of 0.4%. The reason this is noteworthy is that the payout ratio is very low at only 11%. Therefore, the company has plenty of room to shake if it decides to fill that distribution. in the meantime, Silver Bull Market We could see this name grow into a potential role as a vibrant stock.

In summary, silver is doing well in 2020 and expectations are high for the next year. From trough to peak, silver increased by almost 140% last year. This is actually much stronger elasticity than gold (which was pretty much beaten last year), which increased by about 40% in the same measurement. If the bull market shifts from meandering to raging, shareholders can reasonably expect to clean up in the next 12 months.

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4 Top TSX Stocks to Buy on the Silver Bull Market 4 Top TSX Stocks to Buy on the Silver Bull Market

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