40 reasons you are great and worth thanks

There is no doubt that most of us spend much more time focusing on us. Absent Rather than assessing who we are is.. We get sick about ourselves when we go home to everything we think we are lacking and take the time to recognize it and celebrate when there is really a lot to celebrate.

It is partly a by-product of our time. We’re always full of pictures and stories that tell the lives of others, but in reality they’re just highlight reels. They are as messy, incomplete, filtered and Photoshop processed versions of life as we are.

And all those people are like you and me, no matter where they pose, what they wear, or what they are doing there. Sometimes they are confident and sometimes anxious, they are worth loving and need to remind them that they are doing better than they think.

So, if you’re a perfectionist, like me, or sometimes struggling with yourself, it’s worth sitting and relaxing and considering all these reasons, you’re great and grateful There is.

Your strength

1. You have survived all the challenges that life has posed to you, and there were many.

2. You have done your best in every situation, based on the place of life, the place of origin, and the resources you have at your disposal.

3. You have recognized and addressed your weaknesses. It may not always be, and it may not be without resistance. But you have made countless advances that would have been easier to stay stuck where you were.

4. You stood up after failure and rejection. I might have given up when I was fired, quit my job, or said, “I’m not you …”, but I licked the wound, got over it, and returned there instead.

5. You forgive, the ultimate test of your strength.You may not be ready to forgive everyone who hurt you, but you Have got It was hard, but I’ve done it before.

6. We apologize for the inconvenience. It’s not always easy to admit a mistake, but you did. You own your part, acknowledge the pain caused, and vow to make it better in the future.

7. Whether it means getting a new job abroad or greeting when you want to look at your feet, you have tried things outside your comfort zone.

8. At some point you faced fear. It may have seemed small to you, but whenever you do something that scares you, it’s huge!

9. You often adapt to change and grow through experience, without choosing it.

10. You have solved problems that can cripple you and have helped others while struggling with yourself.

Your kindness

11. You have good intentions. You may think you are doing the wrong thing from time to time, but your mind is generally in the right place.

12. You made someone grateful, and maybe many By someone acknowledging their efforts and thanking them for what they did.

13. You spent someone’s day perhaps unnoticed by listening, understanding, or simply being thoughtful and kind.

14. You make people laugh — maybe your I laugh because I crouch, snort, and hear like a beavis. (Are you too young to see? Google!)

15. You care about the people you love. When you say you care, you mean it and you back it up in action.

16. You smile at people. It may seem trivial, but your smile seems to have been someone’s lighthouse on a dark and scary day.

17. You remember important things, or at least some of them. That “Happy Birthday” card or phone or text? It was a simple acknowledgment that helped someone feel cherished and loved.

18. You ask people how they are doing. You may not always get an honest response, but you are happy to receive it.

19. You treat people the way you want to be treated more often. Sometimes you slip — after all, you’re just human! But you do your best to be a decent person who treats others with respect.

20. When you find out that someone really needs it, you give them a second chance.

Your personality

21. You have many positive qualities, whether you are aware of it or not. Maybe you are adventurous, brave, creative, reliable, or all of the above. You can probably look through the entire alphabet and list the 26 amazing qualities of each letter you have. (Or at least 25-X is tough!)

22. You are passionate about your work, your hobbies, your dreams for the future, your family, and so on. That passion is commendable and at the same time contagious.

23. You have a unique habit of making you entertaining, affectionate, and fun to be around. You may be passionate about steampunk, talking to plants, or collecting weird things like umbrella sleeves.

24. You have an eclectic hobby and may have introduced to others a lot of things that others have come to enjoy, such as bands, movies, books, restaurants, and so on.

25. You are as beautifully messy as all human beings, and your emotions give you empathy, depth, and many other gifts that you may not even recognize.

26. You are creative in your own way — everyone is! Maybe you bake, write or make cool things out of wine corks, scrabble pieces and rocks.

27. You have your own kind of wisdom — book wisdom, street wisdom, emotional intelligence, or even all three.

28. Even if it sounds like Sofia Vergara, there is a voice that calms someone just because it belongs to you.

29. You are physically a work of art. seriously. Our culture has long promoted the definition of universal beauty (thankfully it seems to be changing), but it is found in all the unique combinations of body and facial features. There is beauty. Big noses, asymmetric eyes, crooked smiles-all of them are beautiful!

30. You are mentally attractive. Think of all the quirky, complex and crazy thoughts that come to mind every day.

Your journey

31. You have accumulated a vast variety of experiences that have given you insights and unique perspectives. No one else sees the world like you!

32. You have been healed, grown, stronger and smarter every day through all the ups and downs.

33. You have done some interesting things in your time.Our life is really Do Flash in front of us before we die, you’re definitely not bored!

34. Over the years you have learned what is important to you and have done your best to respect them.

35. Whether it’s a new direction, a new job, a new place, or a new relationship, you’ve started over in difficult times.

36. You have found or created opportunities for yourself, and perhaps in areas that are not easy to break into.

37. You have grown up: you have eaten, washed, cleaned your house, paid bills, and did countless other responsibilities.

38. You have created treasure chests of wonderful memories over the years, and you admit that they are gold.

39. You are a co-star of many other people’s favorite memories.

40. You have arrived at where you are. And here you are strong, kind, unique and worth celebrating.

— —

So you have it, all the reasons you are absolutely wonderful, your last one. Is there anything to add to the list?

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