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Jimmy Donaldson, known as Mr. Beast, is an American YouTube star. He is best known for YouTube stunts that give large sums of money to friends and charities.

Beast is a co-creator of the Team Tree, a fundraising activity of the Arborday Foundation. His Youtube channel, called Mr Beast, has over 46 million subscribers and over 6 billion views.

The most exciting collection of citations by Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast) is:

41 Really exciting MrBeast quote

1. “There was a lot of smiles and personal relationships that we all moved forward to support our effort to create original content for subscribers.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

2. “That’s what makes things a little strange to me, because when I get them to pay taxes, I look like a piece, but when I pay taxes, there’s no real benefit already Will be. ”– Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

3. “I’m insensitive to money.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

4. “At some point, I feel like I should stop, but I really want it, so I’ll keep going.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

5. “I like walking, I’m really random.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

6. “I hate fashion, literally anything but YouTube.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

7. “Everyone enjoyed doing something unique and fun.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

8. “I’m giving out a lot of money right now, so I don’t feel that much like a thousand dollars.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

9. “I think there is a difference on YouTube. People aren’t aware of it. Positives are clickbaits as well as negatives.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

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10. “I used to make $ 1 a day, so I didn’t even have a mic.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Beast)

11. “I am motivated because I want to support my mom and family.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

12. “I’m motivated because I want to hire friends to help.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

13. “A lot of teamwork was involved in planning the event.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

14. “I was up all night just thinking about ideas.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

15. “One day I wake up in the desert and spend 24 hours in the desert.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

16. “As YouTuber, I’ve met many creators online, but I don’t have many opportunities to meet in person and share my personality.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

17. “I remember thinking that I would never be YouTuber at the time, but I really want to be YouTuber.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

18. “There is no similar routine because every day is different.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

19. “These are some of the largest YouTubers in the world.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

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20. “I’m motivated because I want to be a YouTuber.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Beast)

21. “Most of the money we spent was probably $ 1.2 million.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

22. “Everyone on my team worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the production was thought out and rehearsed.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

23. “I like helping people who don’t have a mansion or a nice car.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

24. “My idea was to reinvest everything I made. Every time I got paid, it was a one-month budget.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

25. “I want 100 million subscribers someday.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

26. “The most important goal of my life is to make a lot of money and then let it go before I die.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

27. “My teen was terrible on YouTube.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

28. “One of the reasons I like giving out money is just to see how people react.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

29. “So many people want to do what I do because I literally gave up everything in my teens.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

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30. “There is a big misconception that controversy and negativity are the only way to get clicks, because that’s the way it’s done in the media. Most of the time, they don’t want good stories, they want bad things. I’m out. “-Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

31. “Literally at the end of 2019, our cash flow was low … we had to borrow a little money to continue shooting.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

32. “I saw a lot of YouTube.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

33. “You just have to study the cause of your thoughts. It’s just what you think and what inspires you.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

34. “Most of the time you have to fail to learn.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

35. “I want to make money, so I will be able to do big things later in my life.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

36. “The ego was not on display.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

37. “It’s just fun to help people.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

38. “If it gets the most views, it’s because people click on it and I want to give them what they want.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

39. “So I saved $ 1 a day to buy a mic. When I made thousands, I spent thousands. When I made 10,000, I spent 10,000. Video As I increased it, I somehow wanted to use it for videos. “- Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)

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40. “I wanted to create an event that would involve the entire creator community.” – Jimmy Donaldson (Beast)

41. “My goal is to create a new vlog channel to create a vlog that runs a charity. All ad rotation, merchandise sales, branding, etc. are aimed at feeding / helping charity people. I honestly think this can support multiple communities. “– Jimmy Donaldson (Mr. Beast)


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